In the spirit of the Great Socialist October Revolution's impact on the international proletariat comrades of the Partizan Youth Initiative / Marxist-Leninist-Maoist organized a symposium with international participation and comrades of at least five different countries attending. The two days lasting event featured several exposés and discussions concerning the teachings of the October Revolution and the application of what's to be learned.

In the German town of Nuremberg, the most recent of events celebrating the Great Socialist October Revolution took place this weekend. In combative spirit the festivities were aimed at bringing together revolutionary forces from all over the world to celebrate, study and discuss their understanding of the significance of the October Revolution. The contributions of the international delegations coming together in the FRG were well received with the shouting of English, Turkish and German slogans and vivid discussions. The first day of the event was finished by a cultural performance with most of the attendees and international delegates joining in to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the great achievements of the Russian proletariat in 1917.