Young revolutionaries march with the slogan “Give us an organisation of revolutionaries, and we will overturn Germany!”

On the 15th of January, the annual Lenin-Liebknecht-Luxemburg-Demonstration took place in Berlin. Once again, several thousand people gathered for the commemorative demonstration for the two communist leaders Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht. Among them was a bloc of mainly young revolutionaries from different parts of the FRG and Austria under a banner with the slogan “Give us an organisation of revolutionaries, and we will overturn Germany!”, following Lenin's famous quote. The blocs slogans were among others “The FRG is not our state, all power to the proletariat!”, “Proletarian feminism for communism!” and “Only the grasping of the gun by the masses will bring socialism!”.

The comrades knew to combine freedom and discipline and despite the relatively tight appearance, every participant in the bloc had the opportunity to raise their voice via megaphone and many did so. In these contributions amongst other things the necessity of the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Germany was emphasized and the valour of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, who gave their lives for the necessity of founding the Communist Party, was honoured.

Lenin Liebknecht Luxemburg 2017 4


Politically it is important to see that this year's LLL demonstration has primarily shown will to unity:

- The will to unity on the foundation of the principles of marxism and its development amongst the avant-garde of revolutionary youth, which know how to unite on the basis of a correct two-line-struggle and fight theoretically and practically for the reconstitution of the Communist Party.
Lenin Liebknecht Luxemburg 2017 2


- The will to unity of the different forces of the revolutionary movement on the basis of principles and the common agreement to struggle together against imperialism and its lackeys.
Lenin Liebknecht Luxemburg 2017 9
Participants of different blocs gather at the end of the demonstration to perform a joint action for G20 in Hamburg end of july 2017

- The will to unity in the struggle against the class enemy what was shown clearly in the moment when sympathisers of the Kurdish movement were attacked by the cops and the young revolutionaries from the FRG, besides all differences of opinion which may exist, acted resolutely together with Turkish and Kurdish revolutionaries.
Lenin Liebknecht Luxemburg 2017 5


This is the main aspect.

Besides that it is to note that if one adds up the various blocs which were about the issue of the necessity of the reconstitution of the Communist Party (often conceived as “reconstruction” because of an insufficient understanding of the marxist theory on the question of the party), there where several hundred, mainly youth, who put this issue on the agenda.

Something else, what became very clear, is the confusion that prevails in certain parts of the International Communist Movement on the specific situation of the communists in the FRG. This is a problem which needs time and foremost the development of the communists in formation themselves. In the FRG and the German-speaking area in general, this issue is basically solved and the rest is a question of struggle and time.

Lenin Liebknecht Luxemburg 2017 3

The young revolutionaries set a clear example by expressing their class-concious solidarity with the struggling masses in Brazil. The comrades denounced the crimes of the old Brazilian state against the people of Brazil and the poor and landless peasants in particular. Because of that, many participants of the bloc wore caps of the league of the poor peasants (LCP) of Brazil in solidarity with the struggle of the Brazilian people. The bloc was a clear sign, that the struggle for the reconstitution of the KPD calls the serious and proletarian Revolutionaries to an united action, even if unity does not exist in all points. And, what is decisive, that proletarian internationalism is not a question of having “solidarity” in general and not a question of “doing something” together as well, but a question of the deepest unity in struggle, on the common foundation, based on the same ideology, the necessity to drive the revolution forward in every country. A struggle that, like the one of the Brazilian comrades, among others, is showing very clearly, is not the question of following the one, that one thinks of being the strongest at this moment, but the one, that supports the truth of the class, the red line. And as the experience in general and in the FRG in the last year in particular shows, things change very fast.

Lenin Liebknecht Luxemburg 2017 6


Concluding the demonstration, several different participating blocs came together and united behind a big banner with the inscription „Against the G20! Down with imperialism and its lackeys! Long live proletarian internationalism!“. This was a joint symbol for the necessary mobilisation for the protests against the G20 summit taking Place in Hamburg in July of this year. There is also a report of other comrades in the FRG.

Finally two annotations:

- People's War is the war of the people. That is why it is called People's War. War is not peace. The people will only know lasting peace in communism. That is why People's War until communism is the correct slogan.

- We are happy and proud to note that revolutionary comrades in Nepal (the next front) have taken note of our work and also seem to deem it as good. 

Lenin Liebknecht Luxemburg 2017 8