It seems that the security authorities of the old Indian state have again used armed drones and helicopters against the comrades in the state of Chhattisgarh in ongoing People's War.

According to various bourgeois media in India, a statement was released by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) (we do not currently avail of the statement) stating that security forces carried out airstrikes in Bastar district with the help of drones and helicopters on the night of April 14-15. Apparently, 50 bombs were dropped over a period of about an hour, which fortunately did not injure or kill anyone.1


Obviously, the reaction denies everything. However, such airstrikes are nothing new, already in April 2021 a similar attack on comrades took place in Bijapur district, also in Chhattisgarh. At that time, one of the drones had crashed and could be born as evidence by the comrades.2
Chhattisgarh: Bastar police carried out drone attack on safe hideouts, allege Naxals; security forces deny allegations
It can be assumed that this new air strike is part of the new reactionary offensive "Prahaar-3" with the aim of putting down the people's war. Already in 2015, air strikes were announced in the course of the then Operation Green Hunt. But the last months and years have shown that the efforts of the reaction are in vain, the only thing they achieve is to delay their inevitable defeat.