In the following we publish a statement of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) against the imperilalist war in Ukraine.


Central Committee

Press Release

26 February, 2022

Raise voice to stop imperialist imposed war on Ukraine!

Condemn the negligent attitude of Indian government in bringing back Indian citizens!

The contradictions among the imperialists that are taking the humankind towards destruction reached anintense state and war began on Ukraine. The statements of Russia and the US reveal that this is not going to stophere. The Central Committee of our party appeals to each and every person who wishes the welfare of the world toraise their voice to stop the war. It appeals the entire oppressed classes, sections, people and democrats of thecountryto demandtheIndiangovernmenttakeallkinds ofmeasurestobringback theIndians inUkrainesafely.

Russia identified Donetsk and Luhansk in the eastern region of Ukraine as independent governments anddecided to send armies into the place and this brought the political, geographical and economic contention amongthe imperialists openly. The Russian armies not only penetrated into the eastern regions, but attacked Ukraine fromall directions and are also attacking the capital city of Kyiv. This is the first time in Europe after the end of cold warthat the danger of war came forth once again. These developments threw Europe, mainly the people of Ukraine insevere indefiniteness. Stock markets around the world collapsed. More than 20 thousand Indians in Ukraine arehelpless andapprehensive.

Crude oil prices rose to 110 dollars per barrel and it is assessed that it might go beyond 150 dollars in a fewdays. The economy of our country might be affected by this crisis. Apart from the prices of petrol and diesel, those ofSunfloweroil,wheat, Aluminumandmetalsalsomight rise.

When Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991, the US immediately violated its promise to Russia and started toexpand NATO. The alliance confined to 12 countries was expanded to 30 countries. Poland of WARSAW alliancecombinedRumania,Czech-republicandHungary.It also combinedEstonia,LatviaandLithuaniafive yearslater.

These are adjacent to Russia. Later in 2008, the US declared it would make Georgia and Ukraine part of NATO. IfUkraine becomes part of NATO, the alliance shall reach a distance of 500 kilometers from Moscow. Deployment ofmissiles by the US in Ukraine shall be very dangerous to Russia. This shall affect Russia’s hegemony on Black Sea. TheUSstill continuestrainingandarmstothe UkrainearmiesandNATO armies.

Russia indulged in certain aggressive measures with the intention to sustain its hegemony on these areas.Putin sent army at the time of internal conflicts in Georgia in 2008 and brought it under its control. He gave militarysupport to the separatists of Crimea island in Ukraine and made it part of Russia. Russia also intervened in BelarusandCaucasus andis increasingitsinfluence intheAsiancountries.

Ukraine was made part of Russia during the Czar period. Ukraine voluntarily joined the Soviet Union. WhenSoviet Union parted it became an independent country. However, Russian people are more in numbers in the Eastregion of Ukraine. They are making armed rebellions with the demand of independent areas. Ukraine army is takingrepressivemeasuresonthem.Theyare fightingbackthe Ukrainearmieswiththehelpof Russia.

In2014Ukrainestoppedthesearmies.Therewasanagreementbetweenthe twosidesinMinsk inBelarus.

Ukraine did not follow the Minsk-1 agreement and attacked these areas once again. The rebels defeated Ukrainearmies. Then France and Germany intervened and made the Minsk-2 agreement between Russia, France, GermanyandUkraine.AsperthisagreementDonetsk andLushenseev shallbespecialregionsandwouldhavethe rightto