On Sunday, during protests against a U.S.-funded infrastructure project, the Nepalese people fought, partially intensely, against the reactionary police forces. The masses gathered in the capitol of Kathmandu in front of the parliament to enforce the withdrawal of the so called grants from the “Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)”.


U.S. 'gift' leads to violent protests in Nepal


In many places, demonstrators tried to break through police blockades and attacked the security forces in order to storm the parliament building. The police responded by deploying their full arsenal against the popular masses, water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas. The police responded by deploying their full arsenal against the popular masses, including water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas. 1


Nepal police fire tear gas, water cannons to disperse protest over US  'gift' | CNN


Fierce ruckus in Nepal against American project, protests outside  Parliament, police fired tear gas shells

Nepal police fire tear gas, water cannon to disperse protest over US 'gift'


Already a few days earlier, on February 16, there were similar fights during protests against the grant in Kathmandu. 2


Nepal police fire tear gas as protesters rally against US grant | News | Al  Jazeera


What is portrayed in the bourgeois media as a gift from the U.S. to the Nepali state is nothing but an instrument of the imperialists for further exploitation of the oppressed nations. Foreign aid is a form of capital export to the oppressed nations. Thus, in the interest of the imperialists, bureaucratic capitalism is developed in these countries, which ultimately means that they push the peoples further into semi-colonial and semi-feudal oppression and exploitation.


Here, a first point is made and that is the intervention in the infrastructure of the affected countries. In order to fulfill all further goals in the exploitation of the oppressed nations expediently, first of all a sufficient infrastructure must be created.”3


Even though the two so-called " Communist Parties" in the Nepalese Parliament have partially participated in the protests, it does not change what they are. They are revisionists and opportunists who have betrayed Peoples War, the revolution and Maoism.





3KLASSENSTANDPUNKT: Das Streben des deutschen Imperialismus sich zu einer Supermacht zu entwickeln