Under the 1995 Oslo II Agreement, three zones were defined for the West Bank. The most sparsely populated Zone C, which accounts for more than 60% of the territory, is entirely under Israeli occupation and, according to the text of the agreement, should gradually be placed under Palestinian administration. But Israel proves once again that treaties are only worth as much as you can enforce compliance with them.

Instead of withdrawing occupation troops, the Israeli Defense Ministry's Supreme Planning Council has now ordered the construction of 1,804 new housing units in the colonialist settlements of Zone C. Zeev Elkin, Minister of Housing, sees this as a step "of essential importance to the Zionist vision."

Zone C Poster

The FRG government's note of protest to this perpetuated aggression against the Palestinian people is a ritualized smear campaign: "We once again strongly oppose Israel's policy of settlement construction in the occupied Palestinian territories; it violates applicable international law and undermines efforts to achieve a two-state solution." Israel's "partners," such as the FRG and the Yankees, have enabled and continue to enable the economic and military foundations of the occupation. They condemn Israel in words and support it in deeds. Only a few months ago, numerous raids and bans were undertaken in Germany against alleged Hezbollah organizations.