On July 25, a villager was cowardly executed by special forces of the old Indian state in a fake encounter.


"[...] Kunjam Bhima was killed by police on July 25 midnight. He was dragged out of his home by personnel of Special Task Force (STF) and District Reverse Guards (DRG) from Minpa police  station of Chintagufa, shot dead, and passed off as an encounter killing, the Maoists say."1


Of course, the reaction tries to deny this murder, claiming that there was a firefight with forces of the PLGA and that the murdered man was a combatant. To support their lie, they also claim to have recovered weapons, ammunition, explosive devices and remote triggers.


Fake encounters are popular means of reaction to terrorize the masses and spread fear, which is especially used frequently in People´s War in India. However, it must be clear that no white terror will ever be able to stop People's War.