In the West Bank in Palestine, Israelis living illegally on Palestinian land are giving up their settlement. After years of struggle by the Palestinian inhabitants of this region, hundreds injured and several dozen dead, who resisted the Israeli settlers and faced the full brutal force of the Israeli military in return, one may claim that they have achieved their goal.

In fact, international human rights organisations such as HumanRightsWatch have also confirmed that the occupation of Palestinian land and the suppression of Palestinian protests in the region was and is unlawful. Yet it has not prevented Israeli settlers from settling on foreign soil in the West Bank for 10 years. Now, in the summer of 2021, the settlers are leaving the land on the advice of the Israeli government. However, not in order to return the almost 50 houses they have built and the land to the Palestinians, but in order to give it to the Israeli military as a base so that it can better "control" the region. Now the deprived and oppressed Palestinians can expect even more repression and aggression from the Israeli state, with the Israeli settlers getting a pretty compensation from the Israeli state.

Since May 2021, more than 3100 Palestinians have been imprisoned by the Israeli state because they fought against their oppressors and decided to resist the renewed violence of the imperialists. This is not only coming from the Israeli state, but also from the collaborators of Israel and thus the Yankees, the Palestinian representatives of the "two-state solution", the Palestinian National Authority (PA). An article in "SecoursRouge" reports that on the 24th of June, a Palestinian man named Nizar Banat, who criticised the PA on "social media", was arrested, beaten and killed by Palestinian security forces. Thousands of people attended his funeral in Hebron on Friday, and thousands demonstrated on Saturday in Hebron and in Ramallah, where the PA has its headquarters. The demonstrators threw stones and fought the cops, to which the latter responded with tear gas.


Demonstration gegen die PA in Ramallah 2021 II

Demonstration gegen die PA in Ramallah 2021 III


Murders of Palestinians are on the daily agenda, whether through bombings that have already killed more than 256 Palestinians, including 66 children, live ammunition used against stone-throwing youth, or killings of prisoners. But the Palestinian people continue to fight for their right to independence and the end of imperialist oppression, and they will win, pay a high price for victory, but still win, because their struggle is just, and justified. And the imperialists are doomed to failure. For where the oppressed are not afraid to sacrifice their lives for freedom, the imperialists can only let others die for their interests.