In the following we want to give a short brief on some recent actions, carried out by(suspected) combatants of the People´s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA), under the leadership of the Communist Party of India (Maoists) [CPI(Maoists)] in the ongoing People´s War in India.




On July 04, an iron ore mine of Jayaswal Neco Industries Limited (JNIL) in Dongar hills in Aamdai Ghati area of Narayanpur district in Chhattisgarh were attacked. According to "India Today" around 100 armed combatants stormed the construction site around 10am and asked the workers to stop the work before starting to torch the construction machinery.


In the course of the action there was also a prolonged encounter with the reactionary security forces of the old Indian state, which were sent to the scene and ran into a previously laid ambush by the PLGA. "After being alerted about the incident, a team of security forces from a nearby police camp set off for the spot. Some naxals who were hiding in the forest fired country-made BGL (barrel grenade launcher) on security forces and the camp, leading to a gun-battle,"


The place where the attack took place is nearly one km away from the camp of the Chhattisgarh Armed Force. According to the current state of knowledge, the PLGA combatants were able to retreat without any losses after carrying out the assault.1




On June 30 a police informer were killed in in Bamhani village in the district of Balaghat in Madhya Pradesh. According to the bourgeois media "Outlook India" an unknown number of armed combatants rushed to the house of the traitor and dragged him out of the village before shooting him. Before retreating to the near by forest a declaration on the execution of the police informer were left. The statement is allegedly signed with "CPI (Maoist), Tada, Malajkhand Area Committee".2