The Spanish daily El País has researched the development of cocaine trafficking and transport and, in the course of this, the relations between the drug cartels in Latin America and the mafia in Turkey. The result of the investigation is: "The new cocaine route goes through Turkey".

"The Turkish mafia has formed alliances with Sito Miñanco in Galicia or the Mexican cartel Sinaloa and gained weight in the distribution of this drug in Europe and the Middle East", writes El País. Cocaine consumption in Turkey is at a comparatively low level, yet the number of intercepted deliveries is rising sharply. The reason for this is the logistical role of the Turkish mafias, which for years were the main actors in smuggling heroin to Europe. Now, heroin production in Afghanistan is increasing and the price of the commodity is falling, which is why some are looking for alternatives.

Latin American drug cartels are looking for such offers, because the usual routes are a bit overused. For example, the biggest cocaine finding ever in Europe was made in the harbour of Hamburg this February with 16 tons. The European authorities can now see better through the operation, but Europe remains the main market for the business, which is mainly financed and run by the Yankees. The new route is supposed to bypass the controls - it goes once around the African continent, then via the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean and from there to the Turkish coast, where transshipments take place. Turkey is where the illegal proceeds are laundered, the country is open to all kinds of capital investment, and the money controls are very weak. The ramifications of Turkey's trade with Latin American countries also make it easy for companies to cover up the international drug business.

In June, 1.3 tons of cocaine in banana boxes from Ecuador were seized in Mersin, Turkey, showing the prominence of the "new cocaine route". Inevitably, of course, some of the product will "stick" in the "transit country" Turkey and a new market for cocaine dealing will emerge. The drug trade of the imperialists poisons the masses everywhere where transshipment and sales are made.


Harte Drogen Wege nach Europa

Rough pattern of the trade of hard drugs in recent decades (i.e., excluding the "new cocaine route")