In Dersim Ovacık, the reactionary Turkish state continues its offensive against the revolution. The young man Murat Yildiz, whom the police accused of being a guerrilla, was killed by a bomb attack as he got out of his car while picking mushrooms between two villages. After this attack with helicopters and weapons of mass destruction was over, there was no information from the state about the fate of Murat.

Around the same time, further killings of presumably three combatants by bombardments in Dersim were committed, about it also little was disclosed. The Turkish state is showing that it is willing to bomb every bit of ground in the region and stifle the people's war by physically exterminating the revolutionaries, but also in its terror the masses, the ordinary villagers.

Resistance to this offensive is growing, and last week Gerilla TV released footage of weapons captured in a guerrilla infiltration at the end of April - grenade launchers, rocket launchers, gunfire and more. The comrades' attitude is full of revolutionary optimism with which the people's war will soon spread to the whole country.