Over the weekend, three Israeli colonialists were shot at from a car in the Palestinian city of Nablus. One of them has since reportedly succumbed to his injuries.

In the ensuing raids and fighting, a sixteen-year-old Palestinian was killed by gunshots to the back on May 5. The soldiers reportedly prevented a Palestinian ambulance from reaching the dying boy for 15 minutes. In another act of revenge, settler colonists set fire to agricultural land around Nablus and threw stones at Palestinians and cars with Palestinian license plates.

Brände Nablus

Nablus has repeatedly been the scene of aggressive Israeli land grabbing and resistance to it. The city in the heart of the West Bank has been increasingly encircled by Israeli settlements in recent decades.

Ermordeter 16 Jähriger

the murdered palestinian boy

Also in the southern West Bank, the IDF shot and killed a Palestinian woman who allegedly approached soldiers with a knife. Contrary to the bourgeois steam chatter, Covid19 has not "changed everything." Israeli occupation terror against the Palestinian people continues unabated, but so does resistance.

IDF Nablus

occupiers in Nablus