In the following we want to give a short overview on the recent actions (suspected) carried out by the Peoples´s Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA) under the leadership of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) [CPI(Maoist)] in the ongoing People´s War in India.


On March 21, the corpse of a police officer were found nearby Keshkutul village in Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh. The officer were captivated by a group of suspected combatants of the PLGA the day before. After the incident the reaction inicated a combing operation in the area, which remained unsuccessful until our editorial deadline.1


On March 16, two vehicle engaged in road construction works in the area of Lohargada district of Jharkhand were set to fire. According to the police a group of 15-20 armed PLGA combatants rushed to the construction site and set the vehicles ablaze. The affected construction site is a part of the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY), a nationwide plan to reclaim the rainforests, primarily to more effectively combat People's War and expand terror against the people.2


On March 14, a fierce encounter between suspected members of the PLGA and forces of elite Special Operations Group (SOG) and District Voluntary Force (DVF) took place in the Pipilipadar forest area of Malkangiri. The incident occurred during a massive combing operation of the reaction in the area. After the exchange of fire the suspected Maoists managed retreat with out any losses.3