We hereby share an article  from the website Yeni Demokrasi:

TKP/ML militants rake AKP office with gunfire in Istanbul Pendik

According to a news that reached us via e-mail; On December 7, the Pendik-Kurtköy AKP office was raked with gunfire by TKP/ML militants. In the statement made, it is indicated that the action was attributed to the TİKKO guerrillas who were martyred in Dersim.

It was stated that the AKP Kurtköy office building was moved the day after the action, and the following were also stated:

“Comrades Nubar, Asmin, Rosa, Deniz, Muharrem, Özgür are our oath to fight, our consciousness to call to account. We will continue to grow this struggle, which is ongoing at the cost of life, from our leadership to our fighter in every field. Our martyrs are the guarantee of our victory, the name of the insistence on the People’s War on the way to the People’s Democratic Revolution. We called to account for our martyrs today, as we did yesterday, and we will! ”