Last week, the "Ezilenian Sosyalist Partisi'nin" (ESP), the "Socialist Party of the Oppressed", organised a commemoration ceremony in honour of the revolutionaries who died in Turkey in the recent past in which representatives of different struggling parties, including the Partizan, participated. The ceremony was held in the face of the "ideological, political, military and organisational" attack by the old Turkish state in its offensive against the guerrilla areas, which caused considerable loss and destruction for the revolutionaries, and collectively underlined the consciousness of the reality of the struggle and the organisation based on it.

Gazi Demo ESP 2020

In addition, a few days before, shortly after the announcement of comrade Deniz's death graffiti of the TKP/ML for the comrade and the other fighters fallen in the past appeared in the same area:

Deniz Malung 2020 1

Deniz Malung 2020 2

Deniz Malung 2020 3

Deniz Malung 2020 4