In the current crisis of imperialism hunger is growing to be a bigger threat to millions of people than Covid19.

According to the UN and even ignoring how they lie to keep these numbers low, the number of those who are effected by acute food insecurity grew to 270 million compared to 149 million in the last year. Yemen and Syria are among the most effected regions, despite undernourishment not being a wide spread problem in Syria not long ago. But in the last years the imperialists started wars in these countries, which destroyed large parts of the public infrastructure and economy. The economy in crisis of the imperialist countries and the way the ruling are dealing with it adds to these immediate causes. Production chains are shut down and exports are not being bought anymore, causing millions in Bangladesh or Indonesia losing their jobs from one day to the next. Additionally the imperialist countries subsidize their economies, especially the monopolies to stay the leaders in export. During this in the halfcolonies whole branches of the econmy are dying. E.g. in India the GDP fell by 23,9 percent. Tourism, which could mitigate the relatively weak economies in part, is stopped completely as well ate the moment.

All the propaganda and supposed news of victories is falling apart in front of our eyes. There is no “world community”, “steady growth” and “development according to the western example”. If the economy grows weaker in western Europe or the USA, taxi drivers on the Philippines have to beg for money to survive. The economic crumbs given to the oppressed nations only do this in dependence to the imperialist vampires. The masses of the oppressed nations also see this clearly every day. This is also shown in the participation of the masses in the current protests and strikes in India. Last week up to 250 million masses took part in a day of strike.