Contrary to the regular invocations that the Afghan puppet government should be able to cope without foreign soldiers in the future, the German Armed Forces are investing another 50 million in their local infrastructure.


Minister of defence Kramp-Karrenbauer and foreign minister Maas are simultaneously criticizing Yankee imperialism for ordering its troops out of the country too quickly. The so called parlamentary opposition is again in complete agreement with the governement. "A headless, uncoordinated withdrawal of the troops would cause severe political and military damage," says FDP's Bijan Djir-Sarai.
While the government is still attempting to further conceal the crushing defeat of imperialism in Afghanistan, it has recently admitted quite openly in state television. In this worthwhile report, an ARD reporter travels to Taliban areas and, to his surprise, shows girls' schools and Taliban who are not out to kill him.


The fact that the face of this occupation is not girls' schools and well-drilling has been illustrated in the twenty years of its existence by ongoing war crimes. Most recently, the Australian army had to admit that one of its special units murdered at least 39 prisoners and civilians. In this unit, the murder of a prisoner was a rite of passage for new members. According to australian officials the families of the victims are to be compensated in cooperation with the "Afghan government". However, since this government only rules over a small part of the country and corruption is commonplace, it is extremely doubtful that this money will reach victim families in Taliban areas.