TİKKO commander and member of the Dersim Regional Command Deniz (Cumhur Sinan Oktulmuş) has fallen in early November in consequence of the old Turkish state's continuing heavy attacks on TKP/ML guerrilla territories. We mirror here a section of the statement published by the Central Committee - Politburo of TKP/ML on the death of the comrade:

In June, September and October, our CC member Nubar, our Regional Commander Özgür and our people’s fighters, comrades Şerzan, Rosa and Asmin joined the caravan of immortals in the operations against our forces of the People’s Army TİKKO, who fight under the leadership of our party TKP / ML. Operations against guerrilla forces continued unceasingly. From October 30 to November 9, one of our guerrilla units under the command of Comrade Deniz (Cumhur Sinan Oktulmuş) in Dersim Aliboğazı was subjected to intense attack by the enemy while they were in winter preparations. The operations carried out by the enemy using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for days in the region continued between October 30 and November 9 with warplanes and helicopters increasing their scope and intensity. There was a heavy bombardment in which one-tonne Kazan Bombs were used against the guerrilla for the first time in the region. In this way, Alibogazı was almost destroyed. The enemy forces were able to partially enter the area with intense precautions as a result of 10 days of continuous air bombardment and left the operation area within a few hours.“

Deniz Yoldaş Ölümsüzdür!