Since years Mali is grievously effected by the ongoing imperialist's struggle to repartition the world and for a bigger share of pie. The country is exemplary for the consequences of such a prolonged imperialist aggression: On one hand there are vast deposits of important resources like petroleum, uranium and gold in Mali. On the other hand the country is kept extremely poor; its northern part is considered one of the poorest in western Africa. Hence, there’s every right to rebel for the people.

Wir dokumentieren einen Bericht über Genossen die in Marokko im Knast sitzen. Wir lehnen die Methode des Hungerstreiks ab, rufen aber trotzdem zu Solidarität mit den kämpfenden Genossen in Marokko.

The communist movement in  Morocco, undergoes, for several decades, the blows of reaction

The Moroccan State  carries out  either abductions, night of murders or imprisonment  repetitively, almost daily militants of revolutionary left who are fighting for the popular democratic revolution.

It is in this context for the arrest of a group of fellow Marxists – Leninist – Maoists – comrades who now constitute a real danger against the reactionary class in power.

By the struggles that they are involved with the masses, with the masses students and with all Proletarians.

This danger to the power also comes from the fact that these comrades defend and apply the ideology of the proletariat developed at its highest level: Namely, Marxism – Leninism – Maoism.