We publish the report on the activities in the FRG regarding the week of action to support the Peoples War in India, which was send to us. In the upcoming days we will report on the week of action in other countries.


This years international week of action set the focus in the FRG on spreading the political demands of the call, on carrying out activities in different cities and gain new forces for the international campaign. Central organized activities were carried out in six cities, additionally there were different actions of propaganda in other cities like Hanover. Here a brief summary:p3

At the beginning of the week of action on 2nd of April an informational meeting on the history and general situation of the Maoist movement in India took place in Cafe Commune in Berlin. It emphasized the merits of the Peoples War and the New Power. Furthermore the necessity and possibility of the unity of all progressive forces against the genocide carried out by the reaction in India was highlighted. Beside several political structures a number of non-organized comrades took part in the meeting, who made the discussion very positive and vivid. On Friday 8th of April a rally was held in the park in front of the Indian embassy.


In Göttingen the meeting took place in the Rotes Zentrum. Young revolutionaries, who came for the first time in contact with the issue, participated. After the informative part there was a lively discussion about the peculiarities of the People's War in India and also especially on proletarian internationalism.


Simultaneously as in Göttingen an information meeting took place in Clara Jugendzentrum in Cologne. German and Turkish forces of the revolutionary movement participated in this meeting. The number of participants allowed a deeper discussion after the speech.

In Bremen young revolutionaries, who had very little or nearly none information on the Peoples War in India, participated in the meeting. The significance and the relevance of the People's War in India regarding the development of a revolutionary movement in practice in countries like the FRG were intensely discussed.


In Hamburg there were three meetings during the week of action, starting on Tuesday with a meeting in the local seat of ATIK on the topic of political prisoners in India. This was connected with the repression in the FRG especially against Turkish revolutionaries like the detained ATIK members. In this context a call for the upcoming actions to support them was made.

The meeting on Wednesday at the Internationales Zentrum B5 highlighted the role of women in the People's War in India. The extreme patriarchal conditions in India and how the CPI (Maoist) struggles against them were the primary topic of the presentation and discussion. Furthermore some of the heroic female martyrs of the Indian revolution were portrayed.


The final event was celebrated on Friday as an Indian cultural evening. The broad participating Turkish revolutionary youth got an impression of the People's War in India by the screening of the movie „Red Ant Dream” in background. The highlight of the evening was the recitation of translated Indian poems of the revolutionary poets Varvara and Singh, which were made specially for this occasion.

The end of the week of action in the FRG was marked by a rally of the League Against Imperialist Aggression at metro station Sternschanze in Hamburg. Music, speeches and slogans like „the true face of their democracy is that they are mass-murderers“ („Das wahre Gesicht ihrer Demokratie – Massenmörder das sind sie“) mobilized masses to spontaneously join the rally. The distribution of the call of the International Committee in Support of the People's War in India was embraced. This way talks and discussions developed, new contacts could be made and the impact of the Indiaconference 2012 on the masses became evident due to the fact that many of the bypassers spontaneously commented on the activities as a continuation of the massive propaganda work done in relation to the before mentioned conference.


Parallel to the meeting on political prisoners in India on Tuesday in Hamburg an interview on the current political situation in India, the People's War and the situation of the political prisoners in India was aired on Hanovers leftist radio station „Radio Flora“. The interview can be found here.


The meeting in the Soziales Zentrum of Magdeburg aroused great interest. Prior an expressive Dazibao in support of the People's War in India and demanding the release of the political prisoners was put up, among other things. At the meeting the room was overcrowded, so some attenders had to listen from a nearby room. After the presentation a broad discussion which touched several aspects developed and even included topics outside India like the Peoples War on the Philippines.


During the week of action some translation were published: A translation of the document "The Main Task Today is the Struggle to Build Up the True Revolutionary Party Through Uncompromising Struggle Against Revisionism“ by Charu Mazumdar, a translation of the document „Struggle against the airstrikes against Bastar“ by the Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee, a translation of the essay „Professor, P.O.W.“ by Arundhati Roy and an overworked version of „Walking with Comrades“ also by Arundhati Roy.

In summary the week of action in the FRG was a success. We want to emphasize the great importance that especially young revolutionaries in several cities participated and we succeeded in broadening the campaign significantly. It is evident that there is a significant solidarity with the Indian comrades at hand and practical experience shows that this is the case all over the FRG. The question is that we grasp firmly our responsibility and so we are assure that in the upcoming developments of the campaign it will be possible to realize activities in more cities. And so it shall be.