The "Union of migrant workers in Europe - Avrupa Göçmen Emekçiler Birliği (AGEB)" has this week published the following declaration in solidarity with the struggle of the LCP, that we hence mirror:

Let’s Enlarge International Solidarity with the Resistance and Struggles of the Revolutionary Peasants Led by the “Poor Peasants Union” (LCP) in Brazil

The imperialist-capitalist system continues its brutal attacks against all the world’s oppressed peoples in every sphere of life to ensure the continuity of its ruthless exploitation and to survive. Workers in factories, poor peasants in the fields are crushed in a brutal wheel of exploitation. While the ruling classes live in wealth and luxury with the usurped labor, billions of workers and laborers suffer in poverty. In semi-colonial and semi-feudal countries, this exploitation and aggression are experienced at the most advanced levels. The workers of these countries are under the pressure of the insatiable profit ambitions of both the imperialists and the servant ruling classes. All underground and aboveground sources of these countries are plundered.

Their ecological structure is destroyed, and the people are faced with the official and paramilitary aggression of the state and intense pressure and exploitation. In the last period, the brutal attack against the peasants in Brazil by the law-enforcement forces of the sovereign state, which has been in the service of the bourgeois-feudal classes, is one of them. In a country with vast geography like Brazil, the peasant masses are mainly landless. They live in hunger, poverty, and misery. When the landless peasant masses take action against oppression and exploitation imposed by the bourgeois-feudal classes, they face paramilitary forces organized by soldiers, police, and big landowners coded to kill and destroy. The Brazilian fascist-reactionary state launched an offensive campaign to protect the interests of the big landowners, known as the “Hacienda”, against the revolutionary peasant movement, which resists and struggles to have sufficient land for minimum living conditions.

The Brazilian reactionary-fascist state and the big landowners’ mercenaries have recently icreased their attacks against the LCP (Poor Peasant Association), which has a long tradition of resistance and struggle in the state of Rondonia in the Amazon region. Villagers, including children, were injured in these attacks. There are even mentions of murdered villagers. The attack and siege against the landless peasants continue.

Against the oppression and massacre preparations of the reactionary forces, which have even prevented medical transportation of the revolutionary peasant movement’s members during the Covid-19 epidemic; as AGEB, we call on all anti-imperialist revolutionary and democratic forces to solidarity with the revolutionary peasant movement and to participate in the protests against the repression of the Brazilian state!

Those Who Resist and Struggle Will Win!

The Revolutionary Resistance and Revolt of the Landless Poor Peasants are Legitimate, Right!

Enlarge International Solidarity with the Resistance and Struggle of the Landless Peasants in Brazil!

All the Workers and Oppressed Peoples of the World Unite! 

Union of migrant workers in Europe

20 April 2021