The government of the FRG, like the reactionary governments all over the world, act very concious in the socalled "Coronaviruscrisis" in order to get advantages, especially the militarisation of the society. The pushing back of the socalled bourgeois right and freedoms is executed through measures that are at least extraneous to the constitution. Revisionists and opportunist of all colors demanding more state actions instead of asking the key question: Why do they act as they do?

The revolutionaries must not walk into that trap even it the cynical treatment of the health of the population, foremost the working class and the broad masses, has to be denounced. It is to demand that the state fulfill his normal and self-imposed duties. That means among others a hitchless medical treatment, the working class and the masses year after year were plundered for by taxes. General medical treatment is a right we paid for several times. The problem is not the "inactivity" but the activities of the state that are driven by only one thing: the interests of the imperialist big bourgeoisie, and it couldn't be different.