On occasion of the international day of the political prisoners activists in put up numerous posters in different locations in the neighborhood of Stühlinger in the city of Freiburg depicting the images of two important prisoner of the revolutionary movement: Ajith and  Musa Aşoğlu. Henceforth, we document (our own translation of) the short report of the comrades there:
In the night from the 17th to the 18th of March posters were put up in Freiburgs district of Stühlinger on occasion of the day of the political prisoners. It was the goal of this poster action, to draw attention to the cases of Murali Kannampilly alias Ajith and Musa Aşoğlu. The posters are marked with QR-Codes leading to the following links:

Ajith is a revolutionary cadre of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), which is leading a People’s War for the New Democratic Revolution, a revolution that is world wide, also among the left, being silenced. Nevertheless, the Maoists in India are a shining example of communist practice and furthermore are the only ones who challenged the backward circumstances that are being preserved there by imperialism. The hindu-fascists ruling India do everything in their power to sweep away this “biggest danger for inner security” and in this context are committing genocide against the indigenous population. Since 2015, Ajith is a prisoner of war of the Indian state.
We demand freedom for Ajith!
Long live the People’s War in India!

Musa Aşoğlu was arrested 2016 in Hamburg and in February of this year sentenced to six years and nine months of prison. He is being accused of being a member of the DHKP-C (Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party – Front). In this matter, the class judicracy of the FRG has shown is hideous face by criminalizing the just struggle against oppression, while at the same time reactionaries such as Erdoğan are being supplied with German weaponry that are being used in Turkey or Syria for ethnic cleansings and in a war against the democratic movements.
We demands freedom for Musa!
Down with the German class judicracy!
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