On occasion of yesterdays 125th Birthday of Chairman Mao, not only comrades in the FRG took action, but internationally, in many countries, comrades held combative events and published declarations on the teachings of Chairman Mao. Some comrades, on occasion of this anniversary, also took up the opportunity to link these actions with manifestations of solidarity with the international campaign for Dr. Sernas Garcia to be presented alive.

In Mexico, comrades celebrated this anniversary with a combative manifestation and statement addressed to the working class, the poor peasantry and the peoples of Mexico, denouncing the terror directed by the state against the peoples and particularly demanding the immediate alive presentation of our dear Comrade Dr. Ernesto Sernas Garcia, who was forcefully disappeared more then seven months ago. Hence, apart from dozens of posters put up for the event with the likeness of Chairman Mao, the comrades also hoisted a massive banner with the international campaign's slogan and send their salutations to those who contributed to it.

In the US, efforts were made both by comrades from the Red Guards in Charlotte as well as the comrades at Struggle Sessions. In Charlotte, wall paintings were made with the slogan "Long live Chairman Mao!" as well as hammer and sickle. Furthermore they, as well as Struggle Sessions, published statements on lessons to be drawn for the live and teachings of Chairman Mao.

In Galicia, a festive meeting was held, where the anniversary was celebrated by reading and reciting works of Chairman Mao. Here as well, the matter of Dr. Sernas Garcias forced disappearance was raised and discussed. Furthermore, comrades from Peru as well as Finland dedicated articles on their respective websites to this 125th anniversary. In Brazil, Cebraspo expressed its solidarity with the struggles in Mexico through a statement, as did comrades in the FRG through a video showing some of the actions that have taken place there.