The propaganda battle continues. Now the us State Department "warns" about Syrian mercenaries who are to be recruited for the war in Ukraine. One looks in vain for other sources besides the statements of the US State Department.

The bourgeois press in the FRG, which last week was the recruiting body of the international legion of the Ukrainian army, now cynically warns of an "internationalization" of the conflict. At the same time, 20,000 foreign volunteers are already fighting in the Ukrainian army, including some from Germany, the USA and England. Everything around the interests of the different imperialists to intersperse.

One does not only want for the own propaganda dead from the own country, but tries with such messages also the peoples against each other to stir up. On the one hand, the "good democrats", the Germans, British and Americans are fighting against the "authoritarian dictators" from Syria and Russia. The possible participation of Syrian fighters in the Ukrainian war would be a suitable pretext for U.S. imperialism to intervene again more intensively in Syria and to dispute territories there with Russian imperialism. This would only mean more suffering and war for the peoples of West Asia.