In order to better follow the changes in Brazil caused, among other things, by the presidential election farce in which the Pelegão [corrupt official] Luis Inacío (candidate of the PT- Partido dos Trabalhadores, an opportunist party) narrowly won in the second round, we publish an unofficial translation of the weekly editorial of the newspaper A NOVADEMOCRACIA that was sent to us:



Bild editorial semenal resistir a ofensiva

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Four factors are transposing themselves as developments in the new situation. First, the existence of a networked extreme right, promoted by the ousted President Bolsonaro, which developed into an armed anti-communist mass movement and persistently doubts the elections and the old democracy; second, the golpistic (something like "coup -istic" - translator's note) action of the Supreme Command of the reactionary armed forces, which openly doubts the electoral system and opens attacks against the other institutions of the old Republic; third, the election of the new government by the minority of the nation, which has no internal cohesion, will have a strong opposition in Congress (and the extreme right, in the streets, in addition to the popular masses) and will not be able to fulfill the content of its demagogic promises; fourth, the unstoppable tendency of the growth of popular protest - in particular, of the struggle for land and for the agrarian revolution -, instigated by the latent process of decomposition and the acute crisis of the economy and the inability of the corrupt political system to solve it, whether in the short or long term, after a huge electoral boycott in which a third of Brazilians did not vote in the second round of elections (46.64 million).


The golpistic movements, which blocked the streets of the country for a few days and are now concentrating on rousing the barracks, are the most ferocious opponents of the people and of national sovereignty. From the political point of view, creating a relatively centralized movement, strongly armed and sufficient to serve as a terrorist shock troop of the counterrevolution (as shown by armed actions of the Bolsonarists in the blockades of Pará, and theattack against the editorial office of a newspaper in Rondônia). These legions, from the sewers of society, shamelessly driven to the surface, plot and carry out their provocations, political assassinations and armed attacks, instigated by decades of reactionary anti-communist shoutings of the same liberal right that today poses as "democrats." Now this right, defeated at the ballot box in the electoral farce, is more impudent than ever - and getting even more impudent - it is being used by the reactionary armed forces to fight protests and popular uprisings, as a factor of instability that justifies the increasing militarization of political power.


This interplay of factors, gives the revolutionary proletariat and other classes of the people, difficult but crucial tasks. In addition, to fight vigorously and energetically, without rest against the extreme right, will expose the future government of opportunism with the civil right-center, which will use the most draconian means to give new impulse to bureaucratic capitalism, and will strive to captivate the popular masses by blackmailing the progressive people into defending the government against the extreme right. The fight against the hordes of Bolsonaro supporters and other fascist hordes will necessarily demand to beat them with every means and full force. Systematically denounce the maneuvers of the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces, which will play sometimes with the extreme right sometimes with the government or sometimes with opportunism, in order to advance its preventive counter-revolutionary offensive, to establish its absolute centralization of power in the executive branch and its control, paternalism and threats, thus limiting democratic freedoms and fighting with iron hands the popular protest and the revolution.


The democrats and revolutionaries will have to fight, more than before, with indomitable strength to take credit for the people's struggle of this time. The central question and the decisive task for all involved is to teach the masses to fight for their immediate interests, their rights and democratic freedoms with all means and without compromise. The large number of boycotts on one side and the explosiveness of the masses on the other, are the breeding ground to achieve this. There must be no mistakes: to get carried away for the defense of this corrupt old democracy, under the pretext of fighting the extreme right and the golpism (something like "coup -ism" - translator's note) of the generals, and not allow them to carry away the masses for the coup, under the pretext of fighting opportunism and the old democracy. They must raise high the banner of the New Democratic Revolution.