Proletarians of all countries, unite!


End the Repression of People’s Lawyer Lenir Correia Coelho!

In november last year the people’s lawyer Lenir Correia’s house was raided in connection with the struggles of the peasent’s movement by the Police Department for Repression of Organized Crime. Now the lawyer is accused to be the “leader of a criminal organisation”. The accusation says also that this so-called organisation "invades private lands in the state of Rondonia".

The shady evidences are messages of the lawyer as well as her participation as a defender in a repossession suit.

Those weak accusations are a direct attack on the right of practice of work by democratic lawyers and against the right of people’s legal counsel. Those rights are also written down in the bourgeois constitution of the reactionary old state.
Lenir Correia is not put before court because she broke the law but her accusation is standing in line with the struggle of the old brasilian state against the people’s and peasent’s movement that take the land that belongs to them. As a people’s lawyer Lenir Correia stands by side with the peasent’s movement for about 20 years and supports them. Also now she is not frightened by by the repressions and declares that the police could take away her work but not her dignity and that she will not stop to struggle for the people’s rights.

Down with the criminalisation of the struggle for land!

Land for those who work on it!

Abaixo a criminalização da luta pela terra!


Terra para quem nela trabalha!

Red Women‘s Committee FRG