Despite ideal weather, full fields and low prices, we keep hearing about farmers who are stuck with their asparagus and strawberries.

The reason for this is the unfolding economic crisis of imperialism. Rising inflation is forcing more and more people to hold back on shopping and forgo non-essential food. A bowl of strawberries or the bunch of asparagus fall away faster than the sack of potatoes or the package of noodles. As a result, demand has fallen sharply.

On the other hand, there is currently a huge oversupply, especially of strawberries. The reason for this is the good weather in Germany. Farmers record very high and good harvest, but this depresses prices and thus the profit of farmers. Many of them are not willing to sell under these conditions and now decide en masse to let the harvest fail or destroy it. In other words, farmers are destroying food for profit in a situation where hunger is on the rise worldwide, thus causing prices to rise again. The artificial scarcity leads to the fact that the sale is profitable again. The surplus of food is a problem for the bourgeoisie because it destabilizes the market and creates incalculable risk. Feeding the population takes a back seat and is secondary, the only thing that counts is profit.