The comrades from the editorial team of Rote Post have sent us in advance the editorial of the February issue of the RoPo, which we have translated and would like to share here.


Dear Readers,

This issue marks the third anniversary of the publication of Rote Post. Despite all adversities and the development of class struggle, the Rote Post has appeared continuously and reliably month after month during these three years. Not as an internet paper, but a material thing - propaganda from hand to hand. And with the development of class struggle, this magazine develops and grows accordingly; this issue now consists of 24 pages for the first time.

Rote Post is now distributed in at least a dozen cities in the Federal Republic. It is sold mainly in the workers' neighbourhoods and is thus an important instrument on whose basis the revolutionaries in this country can unite more and more with the deepest and broadest masses. For this purpose, it reports on different topics of the class struggle in the FRG, but also internationally, and always tries to take up wider political aspects in addition to the concrete problems of the masses. In order to fulfil this responsibility further and more, we will strive to further improve the topics and the quality of the articles by further sharpening our ear for the needs of the deepest and broadest masses.

Thus, at this point, we want to draw attention to an labour struggle that has received altogether little attention and is being developed in the midst of the economic crisis of imperialism. Workers in the call centres of Deutsche Bank in Essen and Berlin, have been on strike since January. About 70 percent of the staff are taking part in these strikes. These kinds of struggles are especially important in the current situation and we welcome submissions on such issues to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This issue, instead of a cultural article, we are publishing a contribution on the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune in the section "History", in the light of the history of our class and its first trial of the conquest of power.

With this in mind, we look forward to the coming years of Rote Post and many more developments.

Your RoPo editorial team