Following we document the transcription of the video greetings of the Poor Peasants League from Brazil as well as the People’s Women Movement that was shown at the celebration.

Greetings sent by the meeting of the National Committee of the Leagues of Poor Peasants of Brazil


The National Committee for the Leagues of Poor Peasants of Brazil greet warmly the founder of communism, master and first great jefatura of the international proletariat, Karl Marx. We send classist, combative and revolutionary greetings to this great international event and also pay our honor to the Maoist’s Parties and Organizations that worked for its realization and to all the internationalist comrades present.


The peasant women of the Women’s Popular Movement are present and united to the internationalist comrades in this great celebration. We are strongly united to our class men in all fight fronts for the Democratic, Agrarian and Anti-imperialist revolution, the New Democracy in our country and serving the World Revolution.

Long live the 200 years of the great Karl Marx!
Proletarians of all countries, unite!