In the following, we document the english translation of the message of the comrades of the Red Front Collective from Austria send to the celebration.


Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Long live Proletarian Dictatorship!
Hold high the teachings of great Karl Marx!

We salute with great enthusiasm the successful international celebration on occasion of the 200th birthday of the great Karl Marx! Specially we want to thank the organisation committee, which took up the effort and the exertions in the spirit of proletarian internationalism to give the possibility for turning this day into a wonderful celebration of the communists and revolutionaries from different countries of the world!

In May 1818, this year 200 years ago, the titan of the proletariat, the father of scientific socialism, the great Karl Marx was born! We want to honor this protagonist of the world proletariat and hold up high his mighty red banner!

As son of an forced converted Jewish lawyer, Karl Marx experienced since his childhood the oppression by the reaction of feudal Germany and by the young bourgeoisie as well. The rising capitalism, the spreading revolutionary and democratic movements and the upcoming modern proletariat, spurred the young Karl Marx in his struggle against a world full of exploitation, perfidy, misery and oppression. Karl Marx realised quickly, that it are the masses, whose struggle carries forward history. Not by accident he addressed important parts of his early work just those lowest and broadest masses, which had to „thieve“ the wood out of the forest, belonging to the princes and aristocracy, to not freeze to death during winter. Further it was no one less than Karl Marx, who achieved as young revolutionary the first scientific, materialist document against antisemitism.

Already in 1843, so with just 25 years, he had to go in exile because of the persecution by the reaction, in which he had to live for 40 years, until his death with 65 years. In exile he got together again with other persecuted and hunted revolutionaries, he joined with all of his strength the struggles of the most forwarded forces of his time and took actively part in the debates about the way of the revolutionary movement this time. In this struggles and debates an livelong consisting relationship with Friedrich Engels as comrades in arms was forged. Persecuted and defamed, the giant Karl Marx was  flagellated by sickness, poverty and misery, here we want to remind, that for example only three of his seven children reached an grownup age. But the titan Karl Marx accepted all of it for developing and forward his work in the duty of the world proletariat. The main part of his works, examples like from the „Holy Family“ to the „German Ideology“ and the „Manifesto of the Communist Party“ up to the „Capital“ will be sufficient here, emerged under this hard conditions in Paris, Brussels and London. Although not all conditions for the historical determinant victory of the proletariat matured in the Epoch of rising capitalism, mighty Karl Marx was always an leading participant in the political struggles of his time. Thusly he founded 1846 in Brussels the Communist Corresponding-Committee, with what he aimed to assembly the revolutionary proletariat in Europe. He developed an active international work, answered question from workers of different countries, drew up directives and instructions in form of circular letters and showed unendingly patience and strength for imposing an proletarian class standpoint within the revolutionary circles in that time and to lead it to victory. Still in the same year the great Karl Marx and his loyal companion Friedrich Engels got members of the „League of the Just“, which developed threw their insistent work and formed into the „Communist League“. Here the mighty slogan „Proletarians of all countries, unite!“ got put on the eternal victorious red banner, which lead the communists until today.

Despising reconciliation, liberalism and sectarianism, bourgeois and petty bourgeois socialism, Karl Marx as first classic, led an epic struggle and formed in it the historically first form of the Communist Party. Armed with a programm, the document of the birth of communism, the „Manifesto of the Communist Party“, no one other than Karl Marx in person, founded based on these struggles with the First International Workers Association also the First International. Its short existence for only nine years does not reduce its historical greatness, if we see, which glorious place the great proletarian leader Karl Marx gave to it in the international arena of class struggle, how wise he navigated it in the storms of the Paris Commune, what broad analyses and revolutionary synthesis he concluded from the Commune and with that finally imposed the doctrine of Proletarian Dictatorship in the ranks of the communists. Inseparably linked with that was for Karl Marx always the struggle for unleashing the revolutionary violence as only consequent answer to the reaction, this is why he taught the proletariat, that only threw the revolutionary civil war it will gain the abilities for the use, leadership and exertion of the political power: „15, 20, 50 years of civil wars and peoples wars lie ahead of you, not only for changing the existing conditions, but also for changing yourselves and to make you capable for political rule.“

Karl Marx gave the proletariat its scientific world view, he teaches us in his eternal work the endless willingness to make sacrifices for the world proletariat, he teach us the need of the Party and the International, he guides us the way for practicing socialism scientifically and to always, in every question, hold tight the proletarian standpoint and marching forward to the proletarian dictatorship threw revolutionary civil war, today peoples war.

How true the teachings of Karl Marx are, was proven in the 20th century with the Great Socialist October Revolution and the Sowjet Union under the leadership of Lenin and Stalin, with the Chinese Revolution and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution under the leadership of chairmen Mao Zedong and is proven today by the peoples wars as the strategic axis of the Proletarian World Revolution.

200 years ago Karl Marx was born! His work, like the teachings of the Paris Commune, „are eternally burning in the heart of the proletariat“. The world proletariat will finally march forward to the classless and nationless society, to communism. Even though the mighty Karl Marx developed his teaching in the epoch of rising capitalism, his teaching are alive in the current epoch on the third, highest and last stage, on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, therefore is determinant for the proletarian way until communism, the emancipation of humanity. Hence the banner of Karl Marx is waving mighty and uncompromising. Hence the titan Karl Marx lives on also 200 years after is birth in the struggles of the proletariat in the whole world!

Celebrate the birth of the glorious, great Karl Marx!
Hold high the teaching of the first leader of the wold proleatiat, of mighty Karl Marx!
Long live the Communist Party and the International!
Eternal glory to the victorious Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Red Front Collective, Austria