We publish the english translation of the statement of comrade Miguel Alonso originally published on Dazibao Rojo.



Important statement of the CPB (RF) points targets on the two lines struggle in the ICM. An article of comrade Miguel Alonso

Recently, the CC of the C.P.B. (RF) publicized an important statement regarding the aggression that the comrades from Committee Red Flag suffered during the demonstration of the 1st of may in Berlin by the elements of the Jugendwiderstand.

In it, they clearly point out what does these attacks represent and the background of them, it was made at a moment that the maoist in the whole world advance toward a United International Conference, which would make possible to reconstruct an international organization based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, after the collapse of the RIM.

Something very different from the proposition of an anti-imperialist international front which is advocated by organizations such as ILPS among others which are presided by the known Philippine Communist J. M. Sisón.

It is not a problem that some different positions or discrepancies could exist, the problem is that the contradictions are becoming from “among the people” to “antagonistic” due to the sneaky and splitter work that is made by ILPS, we watch it replace the lines struggle, maoist position, for an eclectic one, with intrigues and disqualifications without authentic debate or scientific criticism.  

These facts, denounced by the comrades from Brazil, represent a grave violation in the necessary respect to the revolutionary forces on different countries, based on the communist principle of proletarian internationalism, and an unacceptable interference.

J. M. Sisón is a respected and veteran communist leader that propelled the “rectification” of the CPP (Communist Party of Philippines) around the People´s War and Maoism in the 60s, but his support to some peace agreements with the genocide regime of Duterte generated great doubts in broad communist sectors about the line he currently upholds.

The so called “peace agreements” demonstrated how an efficient liquidating road of revolutionary movements by the imperialists and their revisionist lackeys, with the example in the case of Nepal where the felon Prachanda liquidated the Revolution of a ND in exchange of parliamentary seats in the bourgeois democracy.

There are speculations about what this sinister liquidationist line in Philippines, it is based on urban organizations of the front, but there is more, a question is to be made; Is the diffuse anti-imperialism not a reflex of a deep black revisionist line that intends to undermine the People´s Wars to impulse anti-imperialist interclassist governments under forms of bourgeois democracy and capitalist exploitation?

We firmly support the revolutionary People´s War in Philippines, its Party, the NEP and the broad revolutionary masses, but we have to warn about the black shadows that stalks over this glorious People´s War if the liquidationist elements impose their line.

The activity of the group ILPS is a work of this black line and is necessary to delineate with it through a broad criticism movement that involves the maximum of maoist Parties and Organizations on an international level. It is necessary that the ILPS rectifies and put an end to these practices by making self-criticism of this rightist line that works for the split of the ICM.

The unity of the maoist communists becomes an urgent necessity for the World Proletarian Revolution. The divergences must be dealt with based on the method of Unity-Criticism-Unity, deepening the criticism to revisionism of the old and new types.

The unity base is on the defence and application of maoism as the third and superior stage of the ideology of the revolutionary proletariat and its universal character for the different revolutionary processeses in the world.