In the following we document a preliminary translation of the speech held by the comrades of the Committee for the Construction of the Communist Party of Galiza at the international celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx. Revision is pending. The Spanish original can be found here.


Receive a warm red greeting from the members of the Central Committee of the Communist Maoist Party – Galiza. We want to begin this intervention with two greetings, the first one to the comrades that made this successful celebration possible with their work, and the second to the rest of the present organizations and parties in this vigorous campaign for the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx.

For us it is a glimmer of pride to participate in this great celebration.

The bourgeoisie and its lackeys of all kind had declared “the end of history” and other rotten theories that negates that the class struggle is the engine of history. They have declared Marxism and communism dead. The old and new revisionists do the same, the first ones empty the revolutionary content from it, the second ones like Avakian and the renegade Prachanda considers it obsolete.

Nothing is more false, comrades! Marxism changed the history of humanity, leading it to the epoch of the proletarian revolution and it develops in struggle, becoming Marxism-Leninism and afterwards a new stage: Maoism.

This is the truth history teaches us! Our history, which is the history of the oppressed and the exploited that from the Paris Commune, to the Great Proletarian October Revolution, to the Revolution of New Democracy in China and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution led by Chairman Mao, led Marxism-Leninism to a new and superior stage, Maoism, that today commands the truly revolutionary processes in the world through People’s War from Peru to Philippines, from Turkey to India. Because, comrades, all triumphant revolutions had been work of men and women that hoisted the red flag of communism.

We must not forget!

There are no true revolutions if they are not based in the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Chairman Mao, in Communism. The bourgeoisie and its lackeys can go on trembling in front of the specter of Communism because the proletariat and the oppressed masses will be their gravediggers, leading human kind to a new model of society free from exploitation and oppression. And we owe all this to Karl Marx, teacher of teachers, and today we celebrate with great joy the 200th anniversary of his birth.

Eternally lives Karl Marx!

Long live the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx!

Long live the father of scientific socialism!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism!

Long live the glorious revolutionary People’s War that the maoists of the whole world command!

Long live the Proletarian World Revolution!

20th of June 2018

Committee for the Construction of the Communist Maoist Party of Galiza