In the following we document the preliminary english translation of the speech held by the Revolutionary Front for the Defense of the People’s Rights of Brazil at the international celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx. Final revision is pending. The orgininal can be found here.



It is with immense joy and sense of duty that we from the Revolutionary Front for the Defense of the People’s Rights of Brazil greet this grand event that shows the validity and th fortress of marxism in the occasion of the 200 years of the birth of its founder Karl Marx. And this joy is even bigger because of the possibility of doing so in his homeland.

One of the most important lessons that Marx and Engels left was proletarian internationalism. We can only accept and realize revolution on each country as part and in service of the world proletarian revolution. We are continuers of the historic, and glorious, tradition of the Communist international and we should never forget it.

Chairman Mao said that “internationalism is the spirit of communism”, and Chairman Gonzalo completed it saying: “one can not be communist if not thinking of communism”. We must understand these great truths and assume all the responsibilities that comes from this.

I would like to use this occasion to greet the comrades that for an year valiantly faced and defeated the reppression on the streets of Hamburg, during the imperialist summit of G20. Great struggles of July! Great victory of the German proletariat! Great victory of the International Communist Movement! The right, both the open one and the one disguised as “maoist”, had to feel this defeat.

The definition of combating hard was successfully fulfilled, what proves once more what Chairman Gonzalo taught us: every time the communists struggle in their way, the reaction can not defeat it. The reaction trembles when see the masses marching in the streets, and the masses made the reaction tremble under the leadership of the communists not only in Europe, but in the whole world.

Another point I want to highlight and do so in the name of the organization: we condemn with force and class hatred the coward aggression the comrades under the leadership of the Committee Red Flag suffered in Berlin. We repudiate this grouping – Jungenwiderstand – rightist and liquidationist. And we are certain that they will soon have what they deserve. We reject not only them but also the hardened revisionists that from the shadows handle these puppets. However, we learned from Chairman Mao that is good when an enemy attacks us, it is even better when it attacks furiously.

There is a certain sign that we are on the correct road! We are on the correct road, in the “shining path” of the world revolution and from it we will not take a single step away. We must combat revisionism inseparably from imperialism and we have been doing so yesterday and we do so today, and will keeping doing so tomorrow.

Now, comrades, I would like to share something from Brazil with you. First I will make a brief description of the political situation and then will speak about the revolutionary movement.

Latin America is going into a great social convulsion. One by one the governments of opportunism were unmasked in front of the masses and removed from their profitable posts by their true bosses: the local ruling classes and imperialism, principally Yankee. The local economies  depends directly from the exploitation of primary products, especially commodities and the fall of prices of these goods in the last years have generated grave crisis, not only economic but political. Specifically in the case of Brazil, since the great demonstrations of 2013, we live a scenery of great and growing instability. Revolts against the government have being hatching in the city and in the countryside. Recently a strike of truckers has completely stopped the supply of the country, generating great disturbances. On the metropolis like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo the unemployment and inflation greatly multiplied misery and the number of people living on the streets or in favelas.

The only answer of the reactionary state have been repression, as it could not cease to be. Last year, 60 thousand people were murdered in Brazil, half of them by the police. Only on Rio, this year, the police and the armed forces murdered 400 people. Is an ongoing genocide, a reactionary civil war. Beyond this Brazil had the third biggest prisoner population of the world, almost totally composed by the poor youth, who lives in the favelas.

On the countryside, the policies of concentration of lands and selective murder of leadership goes on, especially from the Poor Peasants League, who against all difficulties uphold the great banner of the agrarian revolution. The revolutionary situation develops in Brazil and the preparatives for a military coup in  the country marches, as part of the bigger Yankee intervention in South America.

However, and this is the principal, this situation coincides with the advance of the mass struggle in general and the revolutionary movement in particular. For 23 years that our leaders have acted without day offs to reestablish the Communist Party of Brazil; as an authentic marxist-leninist-maoist party incorporating the contributions of universal validity of gonzalo thought. We faced very hard situations, especially when the false left was in the government with Lula and apparently there was “stability”.

We never lower our flags and now many who did not hears us before gives us reason. During all these years we have educated cadres, militants and masses on the combat to revisionism and on revolutionary violence. We are paying the blood price, especially in the countryside and also countless processes and arrests but we did not take a single step back. And, the most important: the communists forged a solid leading nucleus and a proven great leader that leads it.

On the countryside, millions of peasant masses marched led by the proletarian vanguard. In a way that the worsening of the political crisis in Brasil, I repeat, coincides with the reestablishment  of the Communist Party, generating the extraordinary conditions for the unleash of the invincible People’s War. People’s War that will take place as part and serving the World Proletarian Revolution, as taught to us by Marx, Lenin, Chairman Mao and also Chairman Gonzalo, the biggest living marxist-leninist-maoist living on Earth and to whom we render homage from this tribune.

In a word, comrades: the path has zigzags but the perspectives are brilliant; nothing is impossible in the world for those who dare climb the heights!

Revolution will inevitably triumph!
Long live proletarian internationalism!
Long live the bicentenary of the great Marx!
Long live the new wave of the world proletarian revolution!

Revolutionary Front for the Defense of the People’s Rights, Hamburg, June 2018.