In the following we publish the preliminary translation of the speech of the Peru People's Movement (Reorganization Committee) held at the celebration of the bicentenary of the birth of Karl Marx in Bremen. The final correction is pending. The Spanish original can be found here.


Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Message of the Peru People's Movement (Reorganization Committee), the organism generated by PCP for the work abroad and the great international celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the great Marx

We are here reunited to render homage to Karl Marx in the 200th anniversary of his birth. The one who founded Marxism. Marx and Engels gathered what humanity produced the best: The German Classic Philosophy, the English Political Economy and French Socialism to fundament the ideology of the proletariat. The first greatest great leader of the world proletarian revolution.

We express our exultant and full of revolutionary optimism to our ideology marxism-leninism-maoism.
with this reason we greet all the present maoist parties and organizations, as well as other revolutionaries and progressives that are present in this great celebration for the great Karl Marx

We greet the international proletariat and the peoples of the world and revolution as the main historical and political tendency in the current world, to the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution that develops on the stage of its strategic offensive and of the sweeping away of imperialism and the reaction from the face of Earth.

We express our greeting and subjection to Chairman Gonzalo and gonzalo thought, the heroic combatant that leads revolution, the CPP, that assuming its role as communists they are taking up the task of the General Reorganization of the Party to give a new impulse to the People’s War.
We greet the People’s War in Peru, India, Philippines and Turkey and all the ones that will necessarily come. We greet the armed struggles of the oppressed nations against the imperialist war of aggression, that demands the reconstitution of the CP from us for its transformation into People’s Wars of liberation.

We greet the processes of reconstitution of the parties in Latin America, Europe and the whole world.

We express a very special greeting to the Committee Red Flag of Germany, the organizers of this great and very successful international celebration. The struggle of the comrades of the Committee Red Flag for the reconstitution of its Communist Party, goes through the same path followed by  Karl Marx and his inseparable comrade in arms Engels, of K. Liebnicht, Rosa Luxemburg and many other numerous representatives of the proletariat of this country.

This event is a good expression of the successful path taken for the reconstitution of the party that these comrades carry on successfully and vigorously, through the hardest class struggle, constituting themselves into the vanguard of the proletariat against the blackest reaction unleashed by the imperialism of this country, in death struggle against revisionism and opportunism of all kinds, smashing the gangster like crusade of all kinds of micro street fighter groupings, like what happened the happening in the 1st of May in the demonstration in Berlin. Where elements that assume the role of mercenaries of the reaction, revisionism and opportunism, those desperate because of the sure advances in the task of the reconstitution of the party, attacked the communists in formation in the middle of the demonstration.

However, nothing can stop our comrades in the decision that was taken. The successful development, which is achieved step by step through hard two lines struggles to apply marxism-leninism-maoism, gonzalo thought, like they have themselves established to generate the guiding thought of the proletarian revolution in this imperialist country. Comrades, we are sure and predict great victories in this path.

Comrades, Marx and Engels, the founders of scientific communism, were, in opposition to the utopian socialists, the first to put clearly that socialism is not a result of the cavilaciones of some dreamers (utopians), but a necessary result of the development of the modern capitalist society. They put in relieve that the capitalist regime will be drawn down, the same way the feudal regime was, and that capitalism itself engenders, with the proletariat, the force that will bury it. And they signaled that only the class struggle of the proletariat, only the triumph of the proletariat over the bourgeoisie, will free Humanity from capitalism, from exploitation, this is how it is written on the birth certificate of our movement.

Communism is the first great revolution, because all the previous ones only meant the shift of domination of one class by another, Chairman Gonzalo tells us.

Marx and Engels taught that the proletarian revolution will only be achieved through the application of revolutionary violence (which today is People’s War) to destroy the domination of the bourgeoisie and to establish its political domination over its wreckage, the dictatorship of the proletariat, that shall smash the resistance of the exploiters and create a new society, the comunists society without classes.

Marx and Engels taught that in order to defeat the old world and create a new society without classes, the proletariat has to be gifted with its own workers party, to which Marx and Engels gave the name of Communist Party.

Engels, the comrade of struggle of Marx, acknowledged the great leadership of Marx and that the new doctrine that he contributed in generating, scientific socialism, fundamentally corresponded to Marx, with these words that are written in sendos prologues and notes in the manifesto:
“the central idea that inspires all the Manifesto... was personal and exclusive result of Marx.”

From this, the new doctrine, the ideology of the last class of history, the proletariat, carries the name of its founder: marxism. But its current application, of marxism-leninism-maoism, must be specified to each revolution,   for it not to fall into a mechanical application and it is for this reason that, the Peruvian revolution has generated Chairman Gonzalo and gonzalo thought which is principal in the party unity basis. Then, each revolution must specify its guiding thought or there is no application of marxism-leninism-maoism neither there is the development of a revolution.

Marxism has not taken a step in life without the struggle against erroneous positions against anarchism, revisionism and opportunism. Thus it has developed until it gave us maoism and three internationals in the STRUGGLE FOR THE UNIFICATION THE INTERNATIONAL PROLETARIAT.
Now, in this celebration, we want to reaffirm very briefly some questions of the history of the 170 years of development of the international proletarian movement related to what we just signaled that are:

That on its process of development, every revolution for the struggle of the proletariat as leading class and, above all, of the communist party that upholds its unrenounceable class interests, generates a group of great leaders and principally one that represents and leads it, a great leader of authority and acknowledged antecedents.

That with the birth of marxism, in its own act of birth, the Manifesto, is established the necessity of its application and, therefore, the necessity of a guiding thought, that originates from the founding of all great leadership, the revolutions generates a thought that guides it as a result of the application of the universal truth of the ideology of the international proletariat to the concrete conditions of each revolution. A guiding thought that is indispensable to achieve victory and conquer power and even more to continue revolution and always keep the path toward the single great goal, communism.

Any revolution that comes shows that only in decades a number of great leaders are forged. If we think in the glorious bolshevik party, in LENIN and STALIN, but principally in LENIN that was its creator, forger, think, we speak of great leaders and we have a STALIN, we have a SVERDLOV, a DJZERZHINSKI, to point out real great leaders, few; the Chinese revolution is similar.

But the main point is that a great leader is generated, one single head that clearly stands out, way higher than the others, and this is what we have to understand and is not because of the will of anyone, it is the very reality of the revolution, of the class and the party themselves, that demands and promotes this formation. If one talks about a great leader, we have MARX for example, there is a notoriously standing out head, a summit. If one talks about the great LENIN, there is another great leader of acknowledged authority and of an immense ascendancy; no one could be compared with the immensity of LENIN, no one. Or in the case of China, Chairman Mao; obviously none of the great leaders that was generated by this Chinese revolution could equal Chairman Mao Tsetung, no one, and in him we also have a glorious summit. Then we have the three greatest of the great leaders of the world revolution, because this is their dimension; what also were their parties and their concrete revolutions is subsidiary because the principal is that they were great leaders of the world revolution and have then established to us the great process of development of marxism by furnishing marxism-leninism-maoism.

The key question of this issue is in the understanding of the historical process of development of the ideology of the proletariat, of its three stages furnished into marxism-leninism-maoism and maoism as the principal; and the essential, mainly, it is the application of marxism-leninism-maoism as universal truth to the concrete conditions of the revolution in each concrete case.

In our case, of the Peruvian revolution, the class and the party that have generated a great leader, Chairman Gonzalo, whose great leadership is solidly based in the gonzalo thought, this is a particularity of the development of the CPP. The leap of the guiding thought to gonzalo thought.

Through People’s War, having the guiding thought reached a qualitative leap of decisive importance for the party and the Peruvian revolution being turned into Gonzalo Thought marking then a milestone in the party life. Furthermore, is Chairman Gonzalo who has defined maoism as the third, new and superior stage of our ideology, marxism-leninism-maoism. And with the beginning of the People’s War in Peru, since May 17, 1980, has proven the full validity of maoism and the universal validity of the People’s War.

We must know to place gonzalo thought well: it is a specification of our revolution, of our proletariat, of our party, of the class struggle and the People’s War that is its superior form. The most substantial and developed part of Gonzalo Thought is the general political line. Over this thought the line and its five elements are sustained, consequently the military line as the center.

The starting point of this base is how to understand and firmly keep the course of the program. In the specifications of the general political line are included the contributions to the world revolution that we must highlight from gonzalo thought. And that the Maoist Parties and Organizations in the V Meeting of Latin America and in the I Meeting of Europe have agreed that what correspond is to apply marxism-leninism-maoism with the contributions of universal validity of Chairman Gonzalo.

When one says contributions to the world revolution is underlining its universal validity, this means that one can not be truly marxist-leninist-maoist, principally maoist if they do not also apply the contributions of universal validity of gonzalo thought to each concrete revolution to generate its guiding thought, the base for the great leadership of the revolution. But, not only this, in the case of gonzalo thought it is also necessary to study and assimilate, regarding the theory, how Chairman Gonzalo understands and applies the three integrand parts of marxism-leninism-maoism, principally maoism.

To clarify, pointing out the importance that it gives to the marxist philosophy, the necessity to be formed on it and specially its application of the law of contradiction to the study of all problems always aiming to define the principal aspect and the process of the things.

In political economy, the concern for the relations of exploitation and very specially for the bureaucratic capitalism, being guided to the ripening of revolution and the consequence of the People’s War at the base, as well as its attention to the economic relations of imperialism pursuing its political consequences.

In Scientific Socialism, how it centers aroung the People’s War and its concretion on the country, how it has always present the problem of power and particularly its furnishing and development as new state. Two things as well: a) People’s War, centers in the People’s War because without it there would not be the second in this part, b) furnishing and development as new state.

There is the problem of the theory, because one can never put forward a thought if not having in mind the universal truth which is integrand part of. How could a communist thought exist without having the three integrand parts in mind? Furthermore, some questions in gonzalo thought have not been known by all, for example the generalization of bureaucratic capitalism, because at least today it is not to put it this way, today is a question of the general political line, the three types of revolution and many other questions. Because it is a problem of the own development of our ideology, of its perspective, of the perspective of the world revolution and this one, in its necessary development, will make it reach a better understanding of the meaning of gonzalo thought for the very theory of marxism-leninism-maoism. And, why not say it this way, from the own application with the concretion with the critics of arms like the great Karl Marx established. Today it correspond, as defined by Chairman Gonzalo and the CPP: struggle to impose maoism as third, new and superior stage of marxism.

Today ir correpond to highlight: that is Chairman Gonzalo, great leader of the Peruvian party and revolution, who defined maoism and demonstrated the universal validity of the People’s War, has given us the first reconstituted communist party, as marxist-leninist-maoist, gonzalo thought militarized communist party. Highlighting how Chairman Gonzalo understands and applies maoism and make contributions of universal validity to the world revolution as specifications of the general political line of the CPP.

from this, the essential is principally the application of marxism-leninism-maoism with the contributions of universal validity of gonzalo thought to the concrete condition, this in strict application of what Chairman Mao has taught us, that the problem of marxism is its application and this is what taught us Lenin and this is what taught us Marx as it it established in the Communist Manifest of 1848.

From taking this base, maoism, that is marxism today, from this application that is essential, what comes from it? That the guiding thought is specifically principal for the communist party of each country and the revolution it leads. Here the word is “specifically”, this is what we have to catch here, because if we have not said “specifically principal”, then comrades we would be negating that the principal is marxism-leninism-maoism with the contributions of chairman gonzalo. Would be not seeing its universal validity and we could not do it, to be a communist we must first have to be marxist-leninist-maoist and as we are active on a determined country, the essential is to apply it here in the country we act, but without the first the second does not fit. From this comes: the guiding thought is principal for the party of each concrete country, yes, specifically, What does it mean?, as application, as necessity of each concrete revolution, in this specific case, for this specific question; and like this, there is no way of avoiding marxism-leninism-maoism because it is the universal truth and this is the font we will always have to drink from.

Comrades, we want to finish with the following words from Chairman Gonzalo:

While making revolution one transforms the world and also men. The root is egoism and is a base of revisionism and requires time. To remove the root of individualism it will be a long process. While generating new, more developed, relations of production it will reflect more and more in the idea of all society.

We communists must be the trumpets that announce the future. The ideology allows us to develop and advance in the struggle against egoism. We must be the most advanced. We work for a goal that we will not see. To reduce individualism and egoism each time more. In the struggles where action strikes individualism more. The ideology is what allows us to advance.

Long live the 200th anniversary of the birth of th great Karl Marx who founded marxism and together with Engels, thus, gave birth to the international communist movement!

Long live marxism-leninism-maoism, principally maoism with the contributions of universal validity of Chairman Gonzalo!

For the immediate realization of the United Maoist International Conference!

For a new international organization of Maoist Parties and Organizations as a new step forward in the reunification of the communists in a world level!

Bremen, June 30 2018