Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Joint declaration of the Red Women Committees in Austria and the FRG:

Unleash the wrath of the women as a mighty weapon for the revolution!

Shoulder to Shoulder, united in the struggle of the revolutionary women in all the world, the Red Women Committees in Austria and the FRG call on the combative women to make this 8th of March a joyful and decisive day of struggle of the women in the heart of the imperialist beast. This struggle is closely connected to the struggle in the storm centers of the world revolution, the oppressed nations. Spurning the hypocritical crocodile tears and promises of the rulers and combating the double exploitation and oppression, women take their place side by side with their class comrades in struggle for political power, for the dictatorship of the proletariat, for the emancipation of the whole humankind.

Especially women workers have to lead this fight. They must irreconcilably reject the patriarchate, imperialism and revisionism and constantly deal heavy blows to them, under which they will collapse. They have to persistently attack the pseudo-theory of the alleged “inferior female nature”. They have to fiercely struggle for each centimeter of the battleground and at the same time always emphasize, that no promise, no reform and no law from the rulers in the imperialist countries, in which we live, work and fight, will and can actually free us. Thus, they will fulfill their role for the reconstitution of the Communist Pary. Thus, they will serve the proletarian world revolution and the peoples of the world. Thus, they will become part of march to communism.

Revisionism is ceaselessly attempting to liquidate this struggle by attempting to lead it into economic waters and by isolating it from the party as its command post. Bourgeois and petty bourgeois feminism preaches the degradation of our struggle on mere demands such as “No means no” laws, a great “self-dramatization campaign” a la “#metoo“, a “gendered” notation or a contortion of the struggle for the emancipation of women in a struggle against man. They attempt to distract from the fact, that the patriarchate has a material basis - private property, the class society based on it and that today this is kept alive by the capitalist class, the imperialist bourgeoisie. Proletarian feminism means, that the women's movement gains its full firepower only under the consequent revolutionary leadership, that leads the struggle consequently to the classless society, until the final eradication of patriarchy – which has already been established in the Manifesto of the Communist Party, of which we festively celebrate the 170th anniversary this year.

Examples in these struggles are the fighting women in the People’s Wars around the world, led by the Communist Parties, in Peru, India, Turkey and in the Philippines, where the women, as sisters in arms, give their precious blood in the heroic struggle and thus express the necessity for the forging of revolutionary women leaders from the deepest and broadest sections of the proletariat. In the oppressed countries if Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Balkans an intense patriarchate is kept alive, a bloody dungeon for women, and the reason for all this is imperialism. In all places, women hence fight with full force and oftentimes with weapons in hand for the New Democratic Revolution, to eradicate imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism. The comrades Norah, Chiang Ching and Clara Zetkin are great examples brought forth in these struggle, heroines of struggle, and so are those of whom we know the names of: Comrade Sandra Lima and Liu Hulan and countless comrades who have sacrificed everything, like the partisans in the antifascist resistance in Austria, where especially Hedy Urach as a heroine led the fight and who was murdered by the Nazi-Fascists. They are our inspiration, their struggles are incentive and challenge alike, to clearly and unmistakably show that we are deeply linked with those struggles and spread the slogan: Women Workers of all countries, unite in the struggle for political power!

It’s right to rebel!

Down with patriarchate and imperialism!

Unleash the wrath of the women as a mighty weapon for the revolution!

Build Red Women Committees, with all force support the Reconstitution of the Communist Parties!

Red Women Committees Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Linz, Tirol and Vienna