Wir haben diese inoffizielle englische Übersetzung der Erklärung der Kommunistischen Partei Brasiliens (Rote Fraktion) veröffentlicht:

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Long live the 25th anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo's speech!
Long live Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought!

Chairman Gonzalo's speech continues to resonate throughout the world and calls on the Communists to raise the oppressed masses of the whole world in arms to fight imperialism and its lackeys, to make revolution, to defeat imperialist war, to bring the world proletarian revolution to victory with socialism in the whole world in marching towards the ultimate goal of Communism!

On this important date of the international proletariat, we express our gratitude to Chairman Gonzalo, leader of the Peruvian Revolution, the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist on the face of the earth, and his all-powerful thought.

From the most shining trench of combat, Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought, they continue to defeat the plans of imperialism and the new revisionism of ROL, MOVADEF and PCPMLM (VRAEM) in Peru, Prachanda in Nepal, Avakian PCRUSA and other variants. The hard blow against the revolution, the people's war, and the PCP corresponded to the peak of the counter-revolutionary offensive of a general and convergent character between imperialism and revisionism. However, there is no definitive defeat for the proletariat and the people's war will inevitably win! Quite contrary to the incessant cry of reaction in Peru and abroad on the strategic and complete defeat of the PCP and Chairman Gonzalo - amidst a thousand difficulties the People's war is passing, strongly embodying its thinking and firmly subject to its leadership - the Communists in Peru, defying the wind and tide, have been crushing the plans and campaigns of the Yankee imperialists, the rightist capitulationists and opportunists of the "left" revisionists, of counter-revolution as a whole, and are overcoming the mishap along the way by culminating the general reorganization of the Party to give new and powerful impulse to the People's War.

It was the Gonzalo thought - through the People's war that it leads in Peru - which raised Marxism, Marxism-Leninism, to a new, third and higher stage of development: Maoism. We Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communists of Brazil, affirm that it was the firing of the rifles of the People's War in Peru that brought, for the first time and authentically, Maoism to our country. This is how the red fraction was forged and armed in the two-line struggle against imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and semi-feudality, and in the fierce struggle against revisionism and all the opportunism that had sunk the revolutionary and communist movement in the country by liquidating the Communist Party of Brazil as a Marxist-Leninist Party. This is how the Marxists-Leninists-Maoists in our country undertook the pending and delayed task of reconstituting the Communist Party of Brazil as a true militarized Maoist communist party, the only one capable of converting the class struggle of our heroic proletariat to its highest form of struggle - the revolutionary armed struggle as protracted people's war for the seizure of power for the class and popular masses as revolution of new democracy uninterrupted to socialism, in the service of the world proletarian revolution and leading to shining Communism.

Acting for decades as a true straitjacket over the popular and working-class movement - leading it to crawl behind the bourgeoisie, capitulating from revolution - revisionism and opportunism of all kinds are the colossal heap of garbage that must be swept relentlessly and continuously, piece by piece, as Engels told us, to unleash the revolutionary energies of the masses. The bankruptcy of the PT-PCdoB opportunist project, which managed the old and genocidal state of great bourgeois and landlords, lackeys of imperialism, mainly Yankee, in fourteen years, was the most complete evidence of the nefarious role and sinister designation of revisionism and opportunism.

For fourteen years applying the policy of boosting bureaucratic capitalism, by deepening deindustrialisation and denationalisation of the country to keep it in the semi-colonial condition of complementary economy for imperialism, now more than ever as, mainly, producer of primary goods for export (commodities). Four fourteen years applying the policy of co-opting the trade union movement to trample on labour and social security rights, to encourage clientelist assistanceialism (compensatory policies of the World Bank) to domesticate the poorest, to liberalize consumer credit to indebt the middle and impoverished sectors of the population, while embellishing capitalism as "popular developmentalism" with loans to bankers and landowners and the most brazen apology of parliamentary cretinism. Manoeuvrers for which they used the same modus operandi of this bureaucratic old decaying state, the shameless corruption.

Everything they did to paralyse the class struggle in order to give impulse to capitalism was in vain. The general crisis of bureaucratic capitalism in the country, amid the general crisis of imperialism, deepened formidably and sharpened the political crisis, dragging the opportunism government. The handling of Yankee imperialism by washing the facade of the rotten political system to save its decadent democracy, using the judicial apparatus with the “Operação Lava-jato”, fails and only seriously sharpened the political crisis as an institutional crisis and already as military crisis, with threats, conspiracies and open preparations of the old solution of the generals, the coup d'etat.

To what have served these years of revisionism and opportunism management of the old state in Brazil and has served the same in the various countries of Latin America - but to act as shift governments of imperialism to preside over repression of the masses in struggle for their rights, give space to the most fascist right to slander the communists and prove once again their role as the deceivers of the masses, specialists in diverting them from the path of revolution?

As the great Lenin taught us that to pretend to combat imperialism separately from the struggle against all opportunism is nothing more than hollow phraseology, his deduction that the only Marxist tactic is to educate the masses in combating opportunism and in revolutionary violence. Only by assuming, studying and embodying Maoism and the contributions of  universal value of Gonzalo thought that the reconstitution of militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist parties to initiate the People's War, has advanced in Latin America, Europe and elsewhere in the world. It is by assuming this task that we can fully and resolutely support the People's War in Peru, India, Turkey, the Philippines and the resistance and liberation struggles of the battered nations and peoples, and in the service of World Revolution.

Today more than ever - unlike the careerists, capitulators, opportunists and new revisionists - Maoism and the universal contributions of Gonzalo thought are increasingly assumed and incarnated by Communists around the world, showing all their power and vitality. In the problem of overcoming dispersion and crushing revisionism in the ICM to raise up the New Wave of the Proletarian Revolution, this question presents itself fiercely in the two-line struggle to demarcate and crush revisionism of all kinds and achieve the unity of the ICM on the basis and the guide of Maoism.

It has been proven in Latin America that it is acknowledging the contributions and the role of the PCP and Chairman Gonzalo that the International Communist Movement, amidst the hard two-line struggle and in the fire of the class struggle, is overcoming the dispersion of forces, reuniting the communists part by part, including from other parts of the world, advancing in firm and resolute steps towards a new Maoist International Centre, in an appropriate and corresponding way to the development of the parties and to the revolutionary struggle in the world, to serve and impulse it.

Against these advances, revisionists and even sectors of the ICM - clinging to centrist positions and / or averse to undertake the two-line struggle over these contributions - are rising. Historical experience shows that every stormy course of the Proletarian Revolution was marked by the ideological-political struggle between left and right as an expression of the irreconcilable struggle between Marxism and revisionism. And that the decisive moments of great revolutionary changes were preceded and resulted from hard clashes between dogmatism and the creative application of the scientific ideology of the proletariat, especially between its creative application and revisionism.

So it was for the triumph of the October Revolution with Lenin against Menshevism; thus it was for the continuation of this as the dictatorship of the proletariat and construction of socialism with Stalin against the Bukharinism, the Trotskyism and other opportunisms; so it was for the triumph of the Chinese Revolution with Chairman Mao against the right-wing opportunism of Chen Tu-siu and the "left" opportunism of Lili San, Chiu Shu-pai, Wang Ming, etc.; so it was for the unleashing and continuation of GPCR in China with Chairman Mao against Peng Te-uai, Liu Chao-shi, Teng Siao-ping and Lin Piao. Just as it was for the very founding of Marxism with Marx and Engels against the most prominent exegetes and coryphées of English political economy, French social thought, and classical German philosophy.

Was this not the case with the ideological struggle in the ICM about the role of the great Comrade Stalin after his death and about the capitalist restoration triggered by the coup of the Khrushchevite clique and the 20th Congress of the CPSU? To attack Marxism-Leninism, the Soviet revisionists charged Comrade Stalin with the most infamous crimes, accusing his firm leadership of "cult of personality," "loyalism," "sectarianism," and so on. Thus Soviet revisionists threw sand into the eyes of communists, to revise Marxism-Leninism, and to replace the Communist Program with bourgeois slogans of liberty, equality, and fraternity, raising its rotten "Two Wholes" and "Three Peaceful" and attempted to impose ICM this revisionist, bourgeois and social-imperialist black line.

All these treacherous attacks were unmasked and crushed by Chairman Mao amid the life and death struggle against the right - the followers of the capitalist path in the CPCh led by Chinese Khrushchev Liu Chao-shi. Chairman Mao firmly defended Comrade Stalin and Marxism-Leninism and formulated the General Political Line for the ICM, rejecting any compromises with the revisionist right. In this struggle against revisionism, he emphasized that the anti-personality cult counteracts Lenin's integral theory of "the relationship between leaders, party, class and masses" and undermines the "principle of democratic centralism of the Party". (On the Question of Stalin - 1963). In this struggle, not a few parties opportunistically maintained a certain defence of Stalin to conceal the denial of the basic principles of Marxism-Leninism, which they themselves did not take long to reveal and then proceed to attack Chairman Mao's positions. Making chorus with the Soviet revisionists, such as the treacherous revisionist Hohxa, to whom these parties turned into his worshippers.

It was under the revolutionary guidance of  Mao-Tsetung Thought and the leadership of Chairman Mao that triggered the most tenacious two-line struggle in the Communist Party of China and the largest and most stormy mass movement in history to clean the Communist party from the followers of the capitalist way and to struggle against bourgeois restoration, in defence of the dictatorship of the proletariat and the profound ideological transformation in society, the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. GPCR that would prevent for ten years the bourgeois restoration in China.

Chairman Gonzalo has tirelessly fought to defend the need to raise Maoism as the guide and command of the world revolution by urging Communists around the world to form communist parties where they do not exist or to reconstitute them where they have been liquidated by revisionism, such as militarized Maoist Communist parties, to unleash more and more People's wars. Was it not primarily against Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought that the new revisionism of Avakian, Prachanda, and the ROLs of Peru raised their rotten fingers? Falsifications and misrepresentations, perversions and diatribes about the PCP and Chairman Gonzalo are part of the attacks of imperialism and the reaction against the highest summit of Maoism in the world and its main leader, to annihilate his life and his thinking, all in the vain attempt to prevent the offensive of Maoism and world revolution.

But they are no more than delusional dreams of enemies already defeated by Maoism, by the People's War and by the Maoist International Communist Movement, which decisively raises the red flag of Maoism and the People's War, supporting the People's Wars in India, Peru, the Philippines, Turkey and preparing the unleashing of news around the world, fighting the sinister plans of imperialism and revisionism, propelling the New Wave of the World Revolution to crush them part by part.

Today, the general crisis of imperialism's decomposition sharpens all fundamental contradictions. The inter-imperialist contradiction is aggravated, amidst a struggle and collusion between the unique hegemonic superpower USA and Russia - which is militarily an atomic superpower in different regions of the globe, especially in the so-called Extended Middle East – also like between the USA and China, and between powers of Europe, etc. This sharpening takes place on the basis of the struggle for the world's repartition, the shredding of entire countries and spheres of influence, by increasing the wars of aggression and prey on the countries of the Third World and the intensification of exploitation over their masses and plunder of their riches, expressing the contradiction between nation and imperialism as main one. Moreover, in the midst of the sharpening of the contradiction between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, which launches large numbers of workers in the struggle against the "austerity" policies, the cutting of their rights and against the governments of these imperialist countries, its own war is returning with growing fury of the attacks.

The world is shaken by the imperialist wars of aggression and the typhoons of the rebellious masses against imperialism, masses of which in the majority of the cases are struggleing desperately without the proletarian vanguard yet. The ongoing People's wars, led by Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties, impose defeats to the imperialist plans, urging themselves to develope and leap higher. Faced with this objective reality of unevenly developing the revolutionary situation throughout the world, the historic and transcendental speech of Chairman Gonzalo from the cage continues to be fully valid. Synthesis of the Third Plenum of the CC of the PCP, it is a powerful weapon for communists not only from Peru, but from all over the world to fight against imperialism and revisionism by mobilizing, politicizing, organizing and arming the masses to unleash more People's wars, to raise and enforce the wars of resistance and national liberation, to advance the world revolution and to prevent imperialist world war and, if it is necessary, to defeat it with the world People's war.

Defend Chairman Gonzalo's life and his all-powerful thought!
Honour and glory to the heroes of the people!
Long live the Communist Party of Peru!
Down with revisionism and all opportunism!
Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
The People's War will inevitably win!
Down with the Imperialist War! Long live the People's War!

Communist Party of Brazil (Red Faction) - P.C.B. (FV)
Central Committee
September 2017