Channel image of the "Einsatz Coach" on YouTube (Source:

Parallel to the deepening of the crisis of imperialism, there is a growing number of viral phenomena that, in one way or another, make propaganda on social media or other platforms advocating the reactionarization of the state and trying to score sympathy points for it among the masses.

In addition to the numerous chauvinist journalist broadcasts like "Achtung, Reichelt," (Attention, Reichelt), "Tichys Einblick" (Tichy's Insight) and the like, there are also some on a platform like YouTube that specialize in something other than just talking. For example, the channel "Einsatz Coach" ("Action Coach") has been distributing short videos and "YouTube shorts" with useful tips and tricks for self-defense for a few months now. The camera always shows a hooded person wearing police-like clothing - with the words "Coach" on the vest and German flags on the sleeves - who presents the viewer with a distorted voice, as if from a cliché blackmail video, in each case an attack scenario and the correct defense for it. The videos are, so to speak, short & sharp and very descriptive and understandable, which already gives the "Einsatz Coach" a lot of sympathy. In addition, the man's language, although distorted, is very "responsible"; it appeals to the viewer's common sense not to put himself in danger, and on top of that the whole thing is pretty "cool".

In a short time, the channel has been able to gain more than 56 thousand subscribers on YouTube and, in some cases, more than a million clicks on its YouTube shorts. This means that a format is rapidly gaining popularity among the masses that quite directly promotes acceptance for the militarization of society. After all, the " Einsatz Coach" ends up playing nothing more than a "friend and helper" with a balaclava and gangster voice, who one would like to see more often on the street as such a responsible buddy anyway. The seemingly threatening equipment of some public servants is to be downplayed, and the viewer is to "recognize" that underneath are quite responsible and caring fellows. The expansion and increased use of special police units, the deployment of the military in the interior, the patrolling around of heavily armed policemen - all that was started to advance during the state of emergency is legitimized by the bourgeois propaganda of "Einsatz Coach". And among the most regressive parts of the people, propaganda for the militarization of society and for the reactionarization of the state is made with it. In the background of the videos, which are shot in a typical "lost place" full of graffiti, one regularly sees purposefully shown "1312" tags at the moment when the evil "attacker" in the video comes around the corner. The attackers are often dressed in casual jogging clothes and recall the bourgeois stereotype of "Antifa stone-throwers," or youthful migrant masses. Chauvinism is an important component in the videos, which repeatedly warn against knife attacks and define the "ghetto stabber" as the first "fighter type" in question of knife attacks. The coach is annoyed in another video that if he were to share a video of a German tourist being beaten up in Turkey and make his comments on it, the whole channel could be blocked under EU digital law.

The "coach" introduces himself as an "official operation trainer" of a special unit. The credo of his videos is: It's best not to fight at all, but to always leave quickly and let the cops do their job - if possible, call them. One can see from the great popularity of the "Einsatz Coach" in the social media (see, for example, the comments under the videos) how the viral army of German imperialism is growing and taking up its reactionary course. With this background knowledge, it is certainly not uninteresting for proletarian revolutionaries to have a look at the channel.