A powerful series of attacks by the New People's Army, led by the Communist Party of the Philippines, against the armed forces of the old Philippine state is unfolding in the Philippines at the moment. In the three-day period between October 14 and 17 alone, six actions by the New People's Army took place in which a total of nine soldiers of the old military and one reactionary were killed. This successful series of ambushes and killing actions by the New People's Army, which has been going on since the summer, once again demonstrates the correctness and success of the People's War as the universal military theory of the proletariat.

October 14:
In Barangay district, the traitor Rey Esposado alias Rigor was killed by New People's Army forces in a covert operation,carrying out the sentence of the regional People's Court which found Espoda guilty of treason against the revolution. He was part of a group of former New People's Army fighters who surrendered to the old armed forces in 2018 and have since been working as contract killers and tipsters for death squads bent on assassinating revolutionaries. Two of his fellow traitors have also been brought to their just punishment in the last four years. These actions clearly show betrayal of the revolution is catching up with the traitors with clear consequences.

October 15:
In the Philippine province of Batangas, the forces of the old Philippine state attempted to carry out an ambush on forces of the new People's Army. This counterrevolutionary attempt ended in a counterattack by the New People's Army, which successfully repelled the enemy attack without suffering any casualties.

October 16:
In Central Mindanao province, the New People's Army attacked a construction site of the "Ulticon Builders Incorporated" company. A road construction company which builds roads for the development of raw materials for imperialist corporations and plantations for the removal of agricultural products from the exploitation of poor peasants by large landowners on behalf of the government in Mindanao. In response to this activity, two excavators, among others, were set on fire during the attack on the construction site. The practice of attacking road construction companies or their construction sites is also often found in the People's War in India.

October 16:
A unit of the New People's Army led by the Communist Party of the Philippines carried out an ambush on a detachment of the armed forces of the old Philippine state in Batangas province. In this ambush, a remote detonator was detonated by the revolutionary guerrillas as soon as the enemy unit entered the potential kill zone of the blast radius. Following the explosion, fire was then opened on the reactionary soldiers. This action ended in five deaths for the old Philippine state, while the New People's Army forces were able to safely retreat without casualties.

October 16:
In Mindoro Province, Philippines, there was also an attempted ambush on the "Lucio de Guzman Command" of the New People's Army by forces of the old Philippine state. Again, the attempt to attack the revolutionary army of the Filipino people ended with the counter-revolutionary attackers being routed and four soldiers of the reaction killed by the defense of the New People's Army.

October 17:
The very next day, special forces in combined attack with the reactionary army tried again to attack the "Lucio de Guzman Command". However, once again without success. The reactionary attack was repulsed and the revolutionaries were able to retreat once again without casualties.

 Cover image: Symbol image from the People's War in the Philippines