Comrade Fidencio Aldama, who was arrested in October 2016 and sentenced to 15 years in prison for a murder he did not commit, is now free and has been declared innocent by a federal court. Fidencio Aldama, who is a member of the indigenous Yaqui people and an opponent of the imperialist megaproject of the Sonora gas pipeline was imprisoned until July 15 of this year as part of the struggle of the community of Lomas de Bacum. The community, which has been particularly hard hit by the imperialist megaproject, is regularly subjected to attacks by groups paid to a subsidiary of the U.S. company Sempra Energy. Attacks in which members of the resistance have also been wounded, kidnapped and killed.

As recently announced, the indigenous and Afromexican popular festival Guelaguetza took place in the state of Oaxaca. Thousands of people from the 16 indigenous peoples and the Afromexican community of Oaxaca gathered for the popular festival to use slogans, graffiti, leaflets, dances and rockets to turn the festival into an act of protest against the Latifundia, colonialism and the commercialization of ancestral cultures, expressing the strength and vitality of the popular movement.


On July 13, in the Chilean province of Curicó, in the Mataquito Valley, large crowds of poor and middle peasants, agricultural workers and other sectors of the poor popular masses who had lost their crops, houses, animals and agricultural equipment after the floods on the Mataquito River gathered. The peasants gathered in the main square of the town of Villa Prat and, with the help of tractors and horses, occupied the main street there to press their demands for economic aid to replace the lost crops and destroyed materials. More protests have been announced for the near future, with calls to not trust bourgeois politicians and parliamentary elections, and instead fight for an independent leadership of the movement that will ensure that they do not give up until their demands are met.

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On the afternoon of July 21, dozens of residents of the Bom Juá neighborhood in Salvador, Bahia state, blocked both directions of the street Avenida Barros Reis to protest the killing of a black worker by military police the night before. The residents set tires on fire and, with slogans and placards, resisted for hours the orders of the military police to clear the street.

The worker's family condemned the deputy's story about his murder. The military police claimed that police officers found the young man shot to death while on patrol after he clashed with a group of armed suspects. There were no reports of police officers or vehicles being hit in the alleged confrontation.

According to the revolutionary newspaper A Nova Democracia, Bahia is the state with the most police killings in Brazil. In fact, there were a total of 1,464 police killings in Bahia last year. Together with Rio de Janeiro, which recorded 1,330 cases, this represents 43% of all deaths caused by police officers in Brazil last year.

Residents of the neighborhood where the mechanic lived denounce the police coming into communities to kill innocent people under the guise of fighting crime, targeting black workers in particular.