Colonia Dignidad (translated as "Colony of Dignity") is one of the darkest chapters of the FRG's foreign policy. In 1961, the German paedophile Paul Schäfer and other German emigrants built a settlement in the middle of the Chilean countryside. In this religious sect settlement, hundreds of people were killed, tortured and abused for over four decades - with the knowledge and protection of the German embassy in Chile. German involvement even went so far that German diplomats brought the escaped victims of abuse back to the settlement at that time. During the time of the bloody military dictatorship under Augusto Pinochet, the Chilean secret service DINA, with the support of Paul Schäfer, set up a prison camp on the site. The fate and whereabouts of the prisoners have not been clarified to this day. In the meantime, numerous perpetrators from Colonia Dignidad are living in Germany. There has been no criminal prosecution! All preliminary proceedings have been dropped. Nothing remains for the victims and their relatives. Not even a place of mourning. The former torture site is now a tourist attraction. Now tourists can enjoy "Bavarian cuisine" at the torture site, which is now called Villa Baviera (translated "Bavarian village").

Some things have changed, but the corporate network is still the same as Schäfer and his management clique founded in the 1980s.1 The assurances and promises of coming to terms with the past and the creation of a memorial by the German Bundestag remain nothing but empty phrases. For 8 years now, a concept has been worked on, for which the Foreign Office has contracted experts. Now media in Germany2 report that the Foreign Office has dismissed the experts. The concept of Elke Gryglewski, director of the Bergen Belsen concentration camp memorial, which is based on interviews with abuse victims, relatives and cult members, is now worthless. Apparently this is now also happening under pressure from the Chilean government under Boric. This is Minister Baerbock's "values-driven foreign policy". When it goes against their own interests, they hide behind a swamp of bureaucracy. A reappraisal of the crimes committed there - murder, the worst torture and abuse of German and Chilean children - by Paul Schäfer, his closest supporters and the Chilean secret service, all with the knowledge of the German embassy in Chile, is not in the interest of the German and Chilean state.