We share a statement of the CPI (Maoist), which has proclaimed an Anti-Imperialist Day for today, March 23.


Central Committee

Press Release
9 March, 2023

Observe 23rd March as an Anti- Imperialist Day. Condemn the Imperialist wars, the loot of natural resources and subjugation of working class and the toiling masses!

 On 23rd March 1931, the great sons of India, Comrade Bhagat Singh, Comrade Sukhdev and Comrade Rajguru were murdered by the British colonial power in collaboration with Indian Right wing and comprador bourgeoisie forces. With their slogans of "Inquilab Zindabad" (Long Live Revolution) and "Down with Imperialism", Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru had opened a new chapter in the Indian history. Those slogans still echoes in every corner of India, still boils the blood of every youth against the injustices that runs the order of the day. Communist Party of CPI (Maoist) pay its humble to homage to those great revolutionaries of India who sacrificed their life in a struggle against Imperialism, Religious fanaticism, caste system and all forms of injustices.

Nine decades has elapsed since 1931 and India's economy still remains in shackles under the regime of Imperialist and comprador bourgeoisie forces. In the last eight years, the attack of Imperialism on India has escalated with the rise of Brahmanical Hindutva Fascist forces. This clearly shows the close nexus between the hindutva forces- Comprador bourgeoisie- imperialism. After becoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi has laid down a red carpet for the welcoming of foreign capital in the Indian Market. The dominance of foreign capital in the Indian Market has led to pauperization of the working classes and the toiling masses, plundering of natural resources and transfer of wealth because of the unequal exchange system. The comprador bourgeoisie are nurturing a strong bond with Imperialism and they jointly are devastating the economy of India. In order to facilitate the faster accumulation of profit for the ruling classes, the Indian state under fascist BJP rule has scraped several labour protections laws, has totally turned the environment laws as upside down, made an flow of easy credit, land grabbing and unprecedented scale of privatization. The growth reality of India economy remains a classic example of irony where the rich are becoming richer and the poor poorer. India which aspires to be a ‘world leader’ is unable to take care of its own children when they are dying not because of any disease, not because of any natural disaster, not because of external aggression, but due to hunger. On the other hand, the wealth of Ambani and Adani are touching the sky. The facts are clear that the rise of Ambani and Adani has been accompanied with the help of foreign capital and transfer of public money and industries of public sectors to the comprador bourgeoisie, even before the rise of Modi. But, with the rise of Modi the process of flow of foreign capital, privatization and allocation of subsidies to comprador bourgeoisie has enhanced in an unprecedented manner. In the case of Adani, the use of manipulations of stocks was followed to acquire cheap credit from public banks with the help of Modi to build his empire. The nexus between Modi and Adani has been exposed which was hidden under the skin cover of propaganda. Millions of Indians are surviving on less than 70 rupees per day and living a life devoid of dignity. This is a modern form of barbarity in the rule of imperialism.

Capitalist Imperialism is in deep crisis and its contradictions are becoming day by day more intense. History has proved that, in order to overcome from the crisis, imperialism has sprouted war intentionally for the division of the world and the capture of the world market. American Imperialism and its allies are waging wars in Syria, Yemen and Palestine. The present Russian - Ukraine war is a by- product of Imperialist rivalries between Russia and America. It is a war of re-division of the world and for monopolist control over natural resources. The involvement of American imperialism and the NATO forces to aggravate the war is beyond any doubt. America and NATO has agreed to supply more weaponry and financial support to Ukraine. Since the start of war, the profits of the weaponry industries and oil and gas companies has doubled. Whereas the conditions of the working class, peasantry and common masses has retarded further because of the war. The prices of goods of daily necessities that are essential for social reproduction of the masses is highest in the last 40 years in many countries. At the same time the real wages of the working class have further declined creating a severe problem of consumption and revival of demand of mass goods. Unemployment and cutting down of labour force is rampant in all major industries. Utilizing these conditions, imperialist institutions like IMF and World Bank have leashed a series of austerity measures and restructuring of economy for not only third world countries but also for many western nations. These measures are going to transform these countries as a rentier to the Monopolist Imperialist powers.

Imperialism is today facing resistance and mass movements from the working class, peasantry and other sections. Working class movements are rising all over the world, and in all sectors of industries. We are witnessing a large scale of working-class movements in America, France, Britain, Germany, South Korea, Sri Lanka and in many other places. In India, the working class, peasantry, Adivasi, social activists and students are revolting and challenging the anti-people policies dictated by fascist BJP-RSS and imperialism. Not only working-class movements but there is a rise in the popularity of socialism and communism in the world. Out of fear of Socialism and Communism, the Democrat Biden government in America with the support of Republicans has outlawed Socialism in United States of America. Similar measures have taken in Indonesia. Capitalist Imperialist system is " rotten" and "parasitic" and therefore need to be overthrown with full force. With passing of each day, the working-class movements will raise its innumerable heads against capitalism and its highest stage -Imperialism. The words from Communist Manifesto is pertinent to remember that states “What the bourgeoisie therefore produces, above all, are its own grave-diggers.” All revolutionary party and Maoist, communist parties of the world need to turn the present crisis of Imperialism and the Imperialist war into a militant working class and mass movements.

Central Committee (CC) of Communist Party of India (Maoist) appeals to all Revolutionary, democratic and patriotic mass organizations, intellectuals, students and oppressed castes, womens and minorities organizations and nationalities to observe 23rd March as an Anti-Imperialist day and join in the struggles of working class, peasantry and Adivasi of India and stand in solidarity for the working-class movements all over the world. Friends and Comrades, it is time to stop the colonialization of our lands, our water, our forests, our air and our existence. We also appeal the masses to build movements for the nationalization of the wealth of Ambani and Adani, and against privatization of social wealth, of public sectors and public spaces. It is time to rise against the Imperialist plunder and war, against the inhuman conditions that is prevailing in the country. Our struggle will not only define the future, but also the meaning of the future that we aspire to build.



Central Committee