Tjen Folket Media reports that the Struggle Committee in Norway has carried out actions for the 8th of March in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Kristiansand, raising slogans against violence against women, imperialism and for a class line in the women’s movement. The activists distributed the Nordic Joint statement for the 8th of March.


In Oslo the 8th of March was marked with a demonstration with the Struggle Committee together with various other organisations.

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In Bergen on the 8th of March a demonstration under the slogan ”Combat violence against women!” was organised. Slogans like ”Wave after wave, blow after blow, against imperialism and patriarchy!” were chanted.

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Later that evening activists from the Struggle Committee together with Palestinian masses and other activists took part in a protest infront of a building where a meeting by the ”MIFF” was held. At the meeting a retired officer of the British army who fought the IRA and later took part in the occupation of Afghanistan was speaking.

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In Trondheim Activists marked the 8th of March under the slogan ”To the streets 8th of March – for a class line in the women’s movement!” and ”Combat violence against women!”.

A manifestation was first held in the city center, where speeches were held and leaflets distributed.

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Later a demonstration was organised under the slogan ”Combat violence against women!”. Other organisations and individuals also participated. Many slogans were chanted like ”Stop violence against women!”, ”Strike back, crush patriarchy!”, ”Wave after wave, blow after blow, against imperialism and patriarchy!”, ”wipe the tears, clench the fists, combat and resist!”, ”Up the international solidarity!”, ”Struggle against capital and patriarchy, forwards for a new worker’s state!”, and ”Russia, NATO, USA, hands off Ukraine!”.

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In Kristiansand the Struggle Committee participated in a demonstration with the slogan ”Combat violence against women!”.

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Later they participated in a cultural event under the main slogan ”Woman life freedom!” wich had panel conversations, speeches and Palestinian folk dance as well as a concert with Slitenelisten.

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A Norwegian translation of ”Marxism Mariatigui and the Women’s Movement” was also published.


Comrades from Punalippu reports on actions carried out on International Working Women’s Day.

In Tampere a broad demonstration was held that incorporated, among others, Russian anti-war activists. The demonstration, which was advertised with hundreds of posters, demanded “more pay!”, “down with the cost of living!”, “against patriarchy!”. Revolutionaries held high the banner and shout “forward towards a revolutionary women’s movement!”, and spread joint declaration of Nordic revolutionary movements. Common slogans in the march included “down with the imperialist war and rising prices!”, “down with misogyny!”, “woman, life, freedom!”, “for an international women’s movement!”, “wave upon wave, blow after blow, against imperialism and patriarchy!”, “end to the violence against women!”.
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In Helsinki more than a hundred people participated into a demonstration on the occasion of the international women’s day, 8th of March. The organisers of the demonstration included the women or youth organizations of the parliamentary leftist parties, emigrant groups and non-governmental organizations. In the demonstration there was also expressed opposition to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine.

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Approaching the day, there were graffiti actions.

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The Communist League of Sweden has published a statement for the 8th of March.


Socialist Revolution reports that Anti-Imperialist Collective participated in demonstrations in both Aarhus and Copenhagen under the slogan ”To the streets 8th of March! Against imperialism and patriarchy!”. At the demonstrations the joint declaration of the Nordic revolutionary organisations were distributed.

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Communist Library also published a Danish version of Reminiscences of Lenin on occasion of the 8th of March. Socialist Revolution writes that the document has significance and that it was Clara Zetkin who in a People’s House in Copenhagen proposed the establishment of the 8th of March at an international meeting there.

Stickers were also put up in the week before 8th of March. The stickers have the slogan ”Women, combat and resist! Against imperialism and Patriarchy!”.

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