We share a call for a manifestation on Tuesday 21 March - 7pm - Hamburg-Sternschanze that has been sent to us.

The Interoceanic Corridor is plundering and killing poor peasants and indigenous peoples in Mexico!

The mega-project of the CIIT, is a plan more than 100 years old, revived with the help of the current president of the reactionary Mexican government, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, means for the people in the region - especially poor peasants and indigenous peoples - displacement, loss of the land they have been cultivating for generations, poisoning of the environment they live in, theft of the region's mineral resources, terror by the state, hunger and misery - in other words, more exploitation and oppression.

Against this exploitation and oppression by the imperialist mega-projects, broad resistance is forming among the Mexican people in the region and beyond. But the Mexican state is trying to enforce the mega-projects with all its might against the people's movements. This struggle is intensifying, especially in the communities of Rincón Tagolaba and Santa Cruz Tagolaba. Since the end of January, the Mexican navy has been stationed in the region to intimidate the population. Mercenary gangs - especially those of the notorious "Tacho" Canasta and his brother Sergio Gutiérrez - are terrorising the population and want to seize the lands of the communities mentioned and enrich themselves with them. To do this, they resort to massive terror against the population, including tearing down houses, sabotaging the drinking water supply, firing live weapons and setting fire to property belonging to the population. The Mexican state and its military, although already stationed in the region, look on in silence. If this violence against the popular movement continues to escalate, there will be massacres of the people of the region!

In order to prevent this and to stop the misery caused by the imperialist mega-projects, it is necessary to create a big publicity, to denounce the crimes committed against the people - especially the poor peasants and indigenous peoples - in the region and to create international solidarity for the people's movements. German imperialism also profits from the plundering of the Mexican people, therefore the struggle of the people there directly affects us here as well. It is the responsibility of every progressive person and anti-imperialist to raise their voice against this and to become active.

Stop the terror against the people of Mexico!

Stop the imperialist mega-projects at the Isthmus of Tehuantepec!

Hail to international solidarity!


MARCH 21 / 7PM

S Sternschanze / HAMBURG

Alliance against imperialist aggression

March 2023