In the last two weeks there have been several reports that Chinese spy balloons have been spotted over North and South America. The social-imperialists in China denied this, saying that these are weather balloons that are only for scientific research that should not be worried about. For the government of the USA however, these balloons represent an act of war, since it would constitute military espionage and therefore they demand direct consequences such as sanctions.

That the USA, with the largest intelligence apparatuses in the world and repeatedly exposed espionage scandals such as the NSA affair in 2013, in which among others allies such as German imperialism were spied on, react in such a way is only natural. After all, as is well known, the law always applies only to the others.

But how exactly are these balloons to be understood? For the Chinese social imperialists it is a clear test to find out how far one can go at the present moment in the conflict with the Yankees and what consequences such or similar actions could have. So it is entirely to be understood within the aim of Chinese social imperialism to develop itself into an imperialist superpower. It is trying to expand its position in the Pacific region in order to better fight for world hegemony. Of course, Yankee imperialism stands in its way considerably.

In the recent past, therefore, there have been repeated tensions, such as the renewed conflict over Taiwan. Around the territory there, for example, the social imperialists have carried out various military maneuvers in order to thereby, together with the massive expansion of their armed forces, to more and more also underline their military claim.

As an emerging imperialist power, China has set itself the goal of eliminating the "Pax Americana" and becoming a hegemonic superpower itself. To this end, it has developed, among other things, the "New Silk Road" project, which creates a logistical network of transport routes over land and sea between China and Western Europe. This project is tailored to the political and military, but mainly to the economic needs of Chinese social imperialism, securing it sales markets and creating access to important infrastructure.

Another important event to strengthen the economy of the People's Republic was the creation of the "Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership" in 2020. This agreement created the largest free trade zone in the world. More than two billion people live in the free trade zone and it comprises about 30% of the world's economic output.

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