Revolutionaries, anti-imperialists and masses from different countries gathered in Hamburg on Saturday 04 February 2023 to demonstrate against the recent massacres and bombardments carried out by Israel against the Palestinian people. Speeches were made strongly condemning the recent attacks on Gaza and the military operation in Jenin in which 10 Palestinians were killed. To this end, in the past few days, Israeli forces stormed several sections in different prisons, arbitrarily transferred many prisoners, prevented any kind of visits and locked a large number of prisoners in solitary confinement. On 31 January 2023, the prison authorities stormed Al Damoon prison and attacked mainly female prisoners. These crimes were also highlighted in speeches at the Manifestation. In addition, the criminalisation of the Palestinian movement here in Germany was also discussed, as the Berlin state government wants to ban all gatherings on Nakba Day for the umpteenth time. Different internationalist and anti-imperialist organisations spoke, as well as Arab masses expressing their class hatred against the oppression of the Palestinian people.

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There was a climate of unity and solidarity among the passers-by who passed by the manifestation. Many joined the manifestation, shouted slogans or started dancing to the revolutionary Arabic music that was played. Also from the other side of the street, people passing by shouted slogans like "Free, Free Palestine!" and greeted the manifestation with raised fists. This shows that the struggle of the Palestinian people can, is and must be waged here in FRG.

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