On 26 January, the Israeli army murdered 10 Palestinians and injured 20 others, some seriously, during a military operation in the West Bank town of Jenin. The operation targeted several homes, a refugee camp and a hospital. It was justified as an action against so-called "terrorists", as the national liberation movement and other resisters are called. Members of the national liberation organisations Hamas and Islamic Jihad defended themselves against the massacre, some with firearms. Among the dead, in addition to several young men, was a 61-year-old woman who was literally executed in her own home by a shot to the neck. In addition, a tear gas grenade was fired into a children's ward of a local hospital, injuring several children.

Since last year, there has again been a huge increase in Israel's terror against the Palestinian people. 225 Palestinians were killed by Israeli occupation forces last year - the highest number in 15 years. In January 2023 alone, 30 Palestinians have already been killed.

But with this onslaught of aggression, the resistance of the Palestinian people is also growing. After the military operation in Jenin, Hamas fired two rockets at Israel from the Gaza Strip. To this end, crowds took to the streets to protest against the occupation and the ongoing reactionary operations. In Jerusalem, Israeli security forces fired on a demonstration, killing a 22-year-old Palestinian. Then, on Friday 27 January, Israel bombed the densely populated Gaza Strip. According to official statements, only military positions were attacked, which Israel officially announces after each bombardment.

Israel's new reactionary government has also been implementing its new so-called "anti-terror laws" since the weekend. These laws allow the homes of all those Israel considers terrorists to be evacuated and destroyed. Furthermore, families of so-called terrorists will be placed in kinship detention by being deprived of their rights simply because they are related. These measures further increase the oppression of the Palestinian people and the repression against the national liberation movement. They are nevertheless only a pathetic attempt to break the Palestinian resistance, which will only fuel the people in their struggle.