On 12 June 2022, Welthungerhilfe published its report on the year 2021. What can be read in it shows the catastrophic situation in which the world finds itself under the yoke of imperialism. Right in the introductory text to the report it states:
"Welthungerhilfe warns that the number of hungry people continues to rise, while at the same time the prices of food and transport are skyrocketing. As a result, hunger crises around the world continue to grow. According to recent UN reports, up to 828 million people are chronically malnourished."
828 million people going hungry in the world means that more than one in ten of the world's approximately 7.9 billion people do not have enough to eat.

While the number of hungry people tended to decline until 2014, the bourgeoisie, with the increasing decomposition of the imperialist system, no longer manages to maintain the declining numbers. Around 150 million hungry people have been added worldwide since 2020 alone. A particularly hard-hit region is the Horn of Africa, where 17 million people alone no longer have enough to eat. Rising prices, especially for bread, and persistent droughts have further exacerbated the situation. Overall, however, the situation continues to deteriorate from Sri Lanka to Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Turkey, Egypt and Brazil. Virtually no country in the Third World is not affected by the current crisis of imperialism, and the poorest sections of the peoples of the oppressed countries in particular are becoming increasingly destitute.

According to official figures, 828 million people are starving, but this also means that 828 million people have absolutely nothing to lose. There are 828 million people for whom there are only two options: starvation or the fight against this rotten system and for a better world. These masses of millions must be mobilised for the revolution, which is the only way out of this misery of imperialism.