Comrades in Bergen have painted slogans on public walls, on occasion of the initiation of the peoples war in Peru.



An article has been published by comrades from Socialistisk Revolution, that stresses in the face of the upcoming plebiscite, where the government wants to legitimize its decision to remove one of the “special exemption”, that were part of a compromise called the “Edinburgh Agreement”, when Denmark ratified the Maastricht Treaty, a compromise also made due to protest from the masses regarding the EU. The “special exemption” the government want to remove, is the exemption from the EU common military actions, as the government want to be more active in foreign military intervention, in collusion with other imperialists in the EU. The article from Socialistisk Revolution stresses, that the plebiscite itself is not so important, since it does not change anything fundamentally about Danish imperialism, but that the focus should be on condemning Danish imperialism and in particular the current militarization and increase of military budget, including condemning the participation of Denmark in the EU and NATO, exemption or not.