The war in Ukraine, as in every imperialist war, shows once again how cruelly the imperialists wage their wars. One of these cruel methods is to use hunger as a weapon. According to official figures, Russia is blocking the export of more than 20 million tonnes of grain from Ukraine. Food on which many people in Ukraine, as well as internationally, depend. Such a practice is a common practice of imperialist warfare and has been used by many imperialists. It was not until the Second Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions in 1977 that the use of hunger as a weapon of war was declared illegal. Article 14 prohibits attacking, destroying, removing or rendering useless "objects essential to the life of the civilian population". This includes not only food, but also drinking water, medicines, blankets and adequate shelter. That these rules and laws are of no value to the imperialists when push comes to shove is confirmed once again by the current war in Ukraine.

The other imperialists are now hypocritically trying to put the blame for the worsening global hunger on Russia alone. With the war in Ukraine, global hunger has once again increased sharply. The main reason for this is that Russia and Ukraine are two of the world's largest exporters of wheat. Russia is the undisputed leader, while Ukraine is in fifth place. Many oppressed nations depend on wheat from Russia and Ukraine. Brazil, Egypt, Tunisia, Nigeria, Sudan, Turkey, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia and many others get most of their wheat from Russia or Ukraine. Blockades on wheat exports from Ukraine are not the only reason for this global shortage of the grain. US and EU sanctions against Russia, stalled production and broken supply chains are also reasons, making other imperialists equally responsible for the growing hunger.